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a knife liking girl = aggressive????

today i was walking back to my dorm from a class, and i stopped to talk to two guy friends of mine. they saw the knife clip in my pocket, so one of them said what's that? and i was like...it's a knife, and he said...elli (one of my many nicknames) you're so aggressive! and i said no i'm not! just because i have a knife doesn't mean i'm aggressive. i just like 'em. and then the other guy said...elli u don't need that. you're a lady. yeah i'm female but that doens't mean i can't like knives!!!!! :p on them. obviously not knife guys. but do u knife guys think that most girls who like knives are aggressive? just wondering how knife girls are perceived.

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I think that Knife girls are independent thinkers and don't rely on others or convention to do there thinking for them. After that everyone is an individual.

~ JerryO ~
Amen to that! My Girlfriend carries all the time. I've met a few other girls who carry blades as well...and all share the traits of being intelligent, practical, and self-reliant. Not a damn thing wrong w/ that!


Jun 1, 1999
I have gotten my wife interested in knives. She is definitely not an aggressive person. However, she has started to appreciate a well made knife. When I see a woman who carries knives, she automatically moves up a notch in my estimation. You watch, you may end up convincing a couple of your male friends to carry pocket knives as well.

Good question.

I view them as more prepared than those (male or female) without knives. Prepared for what? Since the only thing most people cut with knives is boxes, strings or envelopes, this means she is more prepared to do that than those without.

Sounds like you have started an educational process with these two guys. Aggressive has nothing to do with being prepared and hopefully they will learn that from you.
Carrying a knife doesn't make you aggressive. It means you are intelligent, at the very least, intelligent enough to be prepared.

Even if carrying a knife makes you aggressive, I don't see a problem with that.

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Yes and that's what I like

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There were several threads on this subject. Not exactly on perceived agressiveness but on women carrying knives. My wife has a SAK, Leatherman and Buck Mini-Tool. Plus a Mini-Mag, Red Photon I and UKE Mini Pocket Light. The only guys who say she is aggressive are the ones being audited by her



Girlfriend takes my knives from Blade Show and calls them hers !

What knife would you suggest for a girl?

How many girls are here??

Should women carry knives?

Welcome to the wonderful world of knives. It was nice talking to you on ICQ. And judging by the response while I was writing my post, guys here like their woman with knives

"A knifeless man is a lifeless man"
-Nordic proverb

I'm surprised that nobody's asked what you're wearing!

Seriously, I don't look at it as being aggressive. I see it as being practical.

A lady I know constantly berates me for carrying knives, stating that she HATES them, but she always seems to seek me out when something needs to be cut.

I know a few guys like that as well, so it just goes to show that there's no sexism in hypocracy.
(Hey! That sounds like a cool name for a BAND!!)

Vampire Gerbil: similar to a domestic gerbil, except for the odd accent and little black cape.

Anyone who has done any reading on the martial arts of Kali, Pencak Silat and Seni Silat will know that females are well renouned for their abilities with a blade.
Maybe the boys are intimidated?

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Oh my, what would they think of my wife, who is always complaining that she can't carry her 9mm like she would like...

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Liz, Liz, Liz......lol... They musta been them little girly boys...lol...
Glad to see ya finnaly postin somethin though...
I think that it's great! My wife carries some of my fancier knives that she has "adopted"..... She carries hers completly conceiled. She has been told by a LEO friend that an exposed knife on a woman can be quickly grabbed and turned against them. I guess this would be true for a guy too...This would involve laws etc. I am sure there will be more feedback on this, and I don't claim to be an expert in this regard!!
Any opinions on this one??? I know that the girl in the knife magazines that has that little hawkbill folder she designed, carries hers exposed, but she could probably disarm and armed attacker and Kick his $%#* with out the knife!!

I personally see nothing wrong with a woman carrying a blade. I applaud you for the willingness to defend your choice to carry and look forward to your stories of winning "converts" to the cause....lol

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Belle, don't you know? Ladies are supposed to only have pagers and pens w/ clips, maybe even scissors. Just kidding

I used to get 'What's that clip?' sometimes too. I tell them it's a pen. Saves me time.

Why should a woman need a blade any less than a man?

Lizabelle -- be sure to remind your friends of their statements when they ask to borrow your knife...


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Everyone should carry a knife. For everyday cutting, and nice to have something sharp, for "just in case". I would like to see more people wearing there knives in public. I applaud anyone that does. Wearing your knives where they can be seen is a statement that "it ok to do so". Let not hide are interests. Let's put them in the open for all the world to see, and to learn by are example.

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I don't mind if a woman likes knives - as long as she doesn't like MY knives!
There's absolutely nothing wrong with women carrying knives. As has been said before, you're just better prepared when you have a knife on you.

I would recommend that you keep your carry habbit low key though. You should check it out for yourself but, to my knowledge, most colleges have strict regulations against the possession of knives (and anything else remotely resembling a weapon) on campus and especially in the dorms.

Dave Fulton.

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yoda..yeah yeah yeah..whatever! :p

and dave...our school does have rules about knives. the blade can't be longer than 3 inches or something like that. and i've seen other guys on campus with knives in their pockets.

about the hidden carry...if i was really worried about getting attacked i wouldn't let my knife show. but walking around campus here during the day is in no way dangerous. at night it's hardly dangerous.

i do sometimes carry my knife at night if i have to walk around alone. but then i put it in my pocket.

otherwise i just like the feeling that having a knife showing gives me. i guess it's like jewelry or something.

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