A new sheath idea! + Notice of intent to manufacture!

Oct 2, 1998
I have an idea for a new product.

This post will act as my intent to manufacture a new product and will serve as a copyright with all rights reserved.

I intend to bring a new product to market. I call it the clip-sheath. Made from Kydex, or similar material, this new sheath will attach to your belt or can be readily converted for neck carry and any knife with a standard style clip will be able to ride in this new sheath. The sheath will only hold the clip part of the knife. The knife will remain fully visible and very accessible.

The problem I have had with many clip knives is they are not readily accessible. Meaning that when in the pocket they do not come out fast enough or they pull on your pants and create wear patterns. The clip sheath will give you full access to the knife. It will ride in a vertical or horizontal position. Plus for those who like how you knife looks it will show it off in a positive way.

Mike Sastre is working on some prototypes for me and as soon as I get them in hand I will take pics and show you what I am talking about.

Why a clip sheath?

Well if you have a knife with a clip you may find that it gets in the way when you reach in your pocket. Plus, if you are like me, you may of had your knife catch on many objects which bend the clip out or in my car the knife comes out all together. If you clip it on your belt you then find that the knife can only ride in a vertical position, plus the width of some belts and/or material may make it hard to pull off.

So hopefully this new sheath will make all of these small problems obsolete!

More later.

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
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Great! A long-overdue idea!

Put me down for the first one. In fact, I’m ready to road test a prototype for you anytime!

I want at least one!!


Jim Six
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A local knifemaker up here in Toronto has been running around with a variation made into a belt buckle knife clip for a few months. The buckle has a slot and an opening that the spiderco knife clips into using the knife's own clip and is removable without undoing the buckle. Both items have a high polish and the combination looks great.


Mike, sounds like a good idea, although I can't grasp the concept fully by your words. I'll have to wait for photos, I guess!
And, Mike, if you are interested in having a fellow sheathmaker do a review of the work, just let me know and I can provide.

My Custom Kydex Sheath page:
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I already offer a kydex sheath with a removable clip(Hard clip not kydex). I am thinking though that you are talking about something different. Are you? Is your sheath going to be for folders that have clips? In what way is your sheath going to be unique. Are you posting this, as a way to allow you to sue knifemakers in the future that may make something similar? Just curious. This seems to be a trend that in my opinion dessenitizes the whole family atmosphere in the knifemaking world. I am not emplying that you are doing this, just asking.


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I like the idea...
In the gun world we have the Yaqui Slide to show off the iron... If you have a cool knife, it's hidden.
What kinda pricing are you looking at?
I would be glad to test it for you as well.

I mean, if I went around saying I was an Emperor because some
moistened bint had lobbed a scimitar at me, people would put me away!

there's a knife maker in Montana that has
been making a kydex sheath that is flat with
a clip on it to hold a knife in position in
full view


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The flaw seems to be that you are still relying on the manufacturers clip to secure the knife. It does not solve the clip problem.


From Mike's description, it's not a sheath with a clip already on it. It's a sheath that will allow the factory clip to be used as the sheath will offer more possibilities of carry locations. I'm picturing a sheath that has no "flap" and also one that the kydex doesn't necessarily "hold" the knife in place. The sheath may have a small ridge or something like that that will engage the OEM clip.

Mike, if I'm right, do I win one for understanding the idea correctly? And if that's not what your idea is, this post acts as MY intent for MY idea to manufacture such a sheath.

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Someone was asking about clips in another thread and I suggested, not that it doesn't already exist or is a good idea, that a sheath with a clip would be handy as one could attach it to a belt, pack strap, etc., but most importantly inside of a pocket. Kind of a holster really. It would serve to protect the knife from other pocket contents, make it easier to get other items out of a pocket, and offer the possibility of carrying more than 1 knife and/or some sharpeners or such. A knerd pack for knife knuts :^)
Mike T,

You got the right man for the job! Mike Sastre does sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet work. Lots of creativity his head. Please show us some pics later on

Ray 'md2020'

Isn't it more like "establishing prior art, so that nobody ever can take out a patent on the idea"?

The part about vertical or horizontal is really neat, but I'm not sure everyone will find it convenient to have it vertical with the "wrong" side out (if I understand the part about visible correctly?).

Urban Fredriksson

The sheath will only hold the clip which is already on your knife. You simply slide the clip into the sheath. If you have a Native neck sheath simply turn the knife around and slide the clip only into the sheath. This will give you a better idea of what I am talking about making. I have not seen this idea anywhere.


I do not sue people for the wrong reason. In fact I have never sued anyone and I really don't want to but should someone steal my idea I will.

Case in point is that I own the STEALTH trademark in category 13 which covers knives. The only company I have given permission to use the mark to is Ontario. However Kershaw and Berreta are now using my trademark. I have not sued them.

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
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"In fact I have never sued anyone and I really don't want to but should someone steal my idea I will."

Sue them for <strong>what</strong>? Unless you applied for a patent before making the idea public it can't be for patent infringement. Did you?

What you can do now is to patent a <strong>specific solution</strong> using this general idea, but so can anyone else. The "idea" in itself is now free for anyone to use.

Urban Fredriksson

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You need to do a patent search first .I think you will find that at least two patents exist.I hate to throw water on your fire, it's just a good idea to check it out first. If you need a good patent attorney lemme know. I love the fact that your trying and creative I hope it all works out and you make millions!

Aloha Ken
Mike, know what you mean for trying to protect your Ideas. I came up with idea of reworking rusted knife steels taked to the wrong persons and they got the $ and I got a big fat 0, oh well life goes on. Mike
I think Mike's idea sounds quite all right, and I'm anxious to see the pics!

I need a bigger bucket.