A new skinner (pic's)

Sep 26, 1999
I finished and sent this one out a couple of weeks ago,I haven't heard back whether he has or hasn't recieved it yet so I don't know how he liked it.What do you guys think---To many pins ?
Lets see if the pictures will work coming from MSN's photo albums.
Please let me know what you think of it,



The specs are: 3 3/4 inch blade of forged 5160,the handle is a mortise tang style made from Water Buffalo Horn at 4 inches,The guard and pins are all Nickel Silver....
It's a great one, Bruce! Little smaller than I'm used to seeing from you. Good display of your abilities, particularly your great filing. I like the pins. I have always loved the pics of the old Bowies with the large #s of tiny silver pins. I think it is great to make them decorative.

May sound dumb, but do you leave the heads peened above the surface of the scales so they enhance the grip, or are they hammered/ground flush?

Keep going!

Really nice Bruce. I like the grip design and as usual for you, it should be very functional.
Nice one Bruce. I was just thinking to myself this morning, Hmmm, we haven't seen anything from Bruce this week. Keep posting those great pics!
Thanks for the kind words everybody.It has been a little HOT in the shop this weeek so I have slowed down a little.
The pins on this knife were penned and then smoothed off flush with the handle.I do leave the pins raised on some of my Bowies though for the grip retention.
Great job, Bruce. The pattern of those pins reminds me of a vine and I like the way that is repeated in the filework. Excellent work!:)
Hey Bruce great job. Forgive my ignorance but what kind of tang is a mortise style tang? Is it the kind that has the stub looking tang?
Charles,A mortise tang is actually just a hidden stick tang.The only difference is that the handle is made from 2 pieces and the tang slot is carved in on both sides of the handle scales before they are glued together and then pined together leaving the pin holes that will go through the tang open untill after the handle is epoxied on then the tang is drilled and the rest of the pins are put in and secured by peening and then the handle is finished out like normal.
At least this is the way I do them.
Another classy blade :D
I second the comment about the pinwork and filework reflecting each other. Nice subtle touch.
Bruce, Thats a good looking knife. I need to try some pin designs like that soon. Bruce B