A peek at the Impulse (PICS)

Dec 14, 1998
Here are a couple of pictures of the Impulse, from the Blade Show.



Smooth action, crisp ball-bearing detent. Those cutouts in the blade make for easy opening by grabbing the blade and down-flipping the handle, and I assume that the reverse curve, especially in the serrated version is for trimming the rose bushes.

Web Site At www.infinet.com/~browzer/bldesmth.html
Take a look!!!

I have been fortunate enough to see these at the Shot Show and Blade Show. When they show up at your local knife source, be sure to check them out. These knives and the Kit Carson Magna both are solid knives priced right.

So can you sharpen the Impulse/Krait on a standard stone? The reverse curve looks like enough of a curve that you would need a rod to sharpen it well.

I saw them at the show. For 50 bucks they are a heckuva knife. Not my style though, the holes would plug up with peanut butter

True, Yekim, but you can dip the blade in liquid soap and blow bubbles. Kids love the Impulse. My three year old is getting one for Christmas.

David Rock

Soap bubbles. I'll have to remember that when I write up my Outdoor Edge page - now under construction.

That Sony Mavica digital camera is a handy thing to walk around with, to get acceptable and recognizable images to post on the Web, ahead of the professionals.

Dealers wanting these need to get there orders in now! They will be shipping very soon.

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Do it! Do it right! Do it right NOW!

What kind of steel do they have in the blade? The button next to the clip looks kinda like an auto? Or maybe I am not seeing right?
The blades are 12C27. DR told me he worked with Outdoor Edge to get the heat treat to a science. Looking forward to seeing some of these!

A. Dale McLean
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Post the specs man, the specs!!!! Arrrgh! It is sweet looking. Need to know how big it is, handle material, RC hardness, blade length etc. A poor man's Krait, Great!

Where can I get an impulse? I can't take it any longer. Any pics of the Kit Carson Magna?
To Glen and Impulse Fans:

The following is the complete rundown on the Impulse from the Outdoor Edge catalog. First production delivery is July. AG Russel will be the first mail order retailer to have the Impulse. AG is now taking orders for the Impulse at 800-255-9034.

The Impulse, designed by custom knifemaker Darrel Ralph combines the ultimate of form and function in a modern cutting tool for today’s urban and outdoor lifestyles. Precision die cast aluminum handles are fully contoured for maximum comfort and feature Trimond TM textured KratonR innerframes for extra security and grip control. The blade incorporates three geometric slots to minimize weight, improve balance and allow for easy one hand opening. The Impulse features a positive locking liner and clothing clip for sheath-free carry. The clip sets flush with the handle in a recessed pocket. This innovative new clip attachment provides the feel and comfort of a clipless knife. SandvickR 12C27 stainless steel blades are precisely heat treated and hand finished to a razor’s edge for superior edge retention and performance. The Impulse is available with both plain and serrated cutting edges. Two style options include matte bead-blast finish and black TeflonR coating.

Model #: IM-10, MSRP = $48.50
Plain Edge, Matte Bead Blast,

Model #: IM-10S, MSRP = $48.50
Serrated Edge, Matte Bead Blast

Model #: IM-10B, MSRP = $54.00
Plain Edge, Black Teflon Coating

Model #: IM-10BS, MSRP = $54.00
Serrated Edge, Black Teflon Coating

Impulse Specifications
Blade Length = 3-3/4 inches = 9.5cm
Overall Length = 8-1/2 inches = 21.6cm
Total Weight = 3-1/2 ounces = 100 grams
Steel: Sandvick 12C27 Stainless

Darrel Ralph
Darrel Ralph is a full time custom knifemaker who’s unique style combines design elements from nature with modern technology. Darrel’s technical background includes over 25 years experience manufacturing precision small parts for several Fortune 500 companies. His portfolio includes expertise in applications engineering, metallurgical science, CAD-CAM programming, CNC manufacturing and an extensive art study background. Darrel also teaches knifemaking courses at Montgomery College and The Bill Moran ABS Bladesmith School. Darrel currently resides in Galena, Ohio with his wife Sharon, three children and Doberman Bruno.