A perfect knife...


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Apr 15, 2002
I've been in search of the perfect knife to carry to work aboard the boat. currently I use a full size dyad with micarta scales, and for versatility I haven't found anything better. I use this knife a lot. I'm a commercial lobsterman in the northeast and I work part time on a party boat charter fishing, and I cut everything from 1 inch three strand rope to polysteel potwarp to monofilament gillnet and fishing line, and the option of plain and serrated edges on separate blades are hard to beat...to the point where I can't replace the knife with any other. I've carried a rescue, a delica, an endura, and currently the dyad, which I've had for almost a year. My only issue with it is that the dyad's ats-55 rusts up pretty badly almost overnight due to the constant exposure to salt water.

I've tinkered with designing my own knife, and I have a question or two for the masses.

1. how well does H-1 hold an edge and how well does the plain edge sharpen up. I prefer a plain edge for cutting but a serrated edge cuts larger size rope much better.
does the plain edge pacific salt retain an edge well, and when it comes time to sharpen it, does it resharpen easily, as with a sharpmaker? the length of the blade would enable me to purchase a plain edged knife if it retained an edge for a good amount of time.

I need a knife with a longer blade and preferably plain edged, although I love having the option of a serrated edge. partial serrations I feel deduct from the efficiency of either a plain or partial edged blade, and always seem to be located towards the ricasso of the blade, rather than near the tip where I find they would be more efficient.

I have several pictures in mind for a knife of my own design, however I don't have the skill or the means to make a prototype of these knives. would spyderco be able to make a "custom" knife for me to use on the boat following on of my own.

also finally, does the salt only come in the FRN handle, or does spyderco make it in other handle materials?

thanks for the responses in advance.