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A special thanks to BF Member Tom Carey!

BladeForums Member Tom Carey held a drawing of sorts at a Gun Show recently to raise money for BladeForums.

I would like to personally thank him for his efforts and applaud him on his generosity.

As many of you know this site costs a lot of money to run, not to mention the time Spark and I put into it. Mostly Spark!

The BF store profits go into the site and to date the site is still in the red but that is ok. We are taking measures to ensure that this site stays up and runs as well as it has been. Without proper maintenance this site would go away quickly or become dormant.

We are testing software right now for a auction site and the magazine will hopefully generate revenue. Between these two ventures and the funds raised by banner advertising we should be able to run this site into the black.

When we hit the black you will then see more giveaways and other fun free stuff!

Again thanks to Tom Carey for his gift to the forums!

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
BladeForums Site Owner and Administrator
Do it! Do it right! Do it right NOW!


Gus Kalanzis

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Oct 4, 1998
Tom, as someone who enjoys and appreciates this site THANK YOU!
Thanks for the kind words guys.
Actually that was a knife show in St Charles MO.
It was good to meet all of the forum members who were able to attend.


I think we need two tables for the next one. More elbow room you know.


Tom Carey