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A tale of two framelockers............Obie style!


Jul 20, 2000
By Obie I of course mean Mike Obenauf. I was fortunate enough to order a special framelocker back in September and had if for Christmas. At the same time I found another Obenauf framelocker large model 2 for sale and bought it. Here is where the tale comes in. Even though these are both large model 2 framelockers they have their differences. I'll start with the "special order" one first;

This knife is a real handfull. I had asked Mike to make it bigger/thicker and that is exactly what I got. The titanium sideplates that make up the handle halves measure out at .148". The blade is S30V and is .156" thick by 3.75" in length. The overall thickness of the knife is .452". Blade style is the drop point/spear point that Mike does so well. This is a wide blade that looks very good in comparison with the slimmer handle. The handle also has some very nice grinds that make gripping and holding the knife very comfortable. At the top about 3/16ths of the handle is ground at 10 degrees, while at the bottom it is a slightly thicker bit of the handle ground at this degree. It allows the middle part of the handle to plateau. There is also a thumb scallop for the thumb stud and it really works well. Clip is mounted for tip down carry and is mounted at the very tip top of the handle to allow the maximum amount of handle to be inside your pocket. There is a 3/4's length back spacer that really adds to the stability of the whole knife and also gives it some of the 6.6 ounces that the knife weighs in at. For a knife that is about 8.50" in total length this is heavy. Keep in mind a standard large Sebenza weighs in at 4.5 ounces. Probably the best thing about this knife is the lockup. The locking bar engages the first 1/3rd of the blade tang and it just sits there! You can squeeze and you can twist and the locking bar DOES NOT move an iota. I've had some framelocks that you could pull on the blade and hear, plus feel the locking bar move on the blade tang. Not so here. Locked up is locked up. In case you have not guessed it by now, I love this knife!

I knew when I bought this knife that it would be slimmer than the other one, along with being lighter. Overall the knife has the same length blade and overall length as my other. The thickness of the parts is where the differences lay. The titanium handles are .120" thick while the blade is .130" thick for an overall thickness of .375". At first glance I thought this might be too thin for my taste but after playing with it and carrying it I found it to be a great knife and a keeper. Clip placement, finish, thumbstuds, and blade shape along with blade material are identical to the special order knife. The back spacer on this one is a fiber material and I guess it to be G-10 or micarta. Doesn't really matter as I am going to be sending it off to Mike to be retrofitted with a steel backspacer. Lockup is IDENTICAL to the my other one! Lockup covers the first 1/3rd of the blade tang, and the lock bar does not offer to move until you want it to move by placing your thumb against it and moving it. Guess what? Love this one also!

So there you have it, two identical model knives by the same maker, but done in two different ways. I no sooner had the special order model 2 in my hands than I emailed Mike and told him to start on another large model two with the same specs only this time put a clip point blade. Who knows this one may go by Bodycote before it ever gets to me!