AAAHHH!! Lost my Carry Knife!


Jan 8, 1999
I know its around here somewhere! At least i know it's in the house... Does anybody make a nicotine patch for this? I need my steel.


What did you lose? I hope you find it. Check out my post from Friday about my kid losing his knife. There is always hope.


You mean kids really lose knives? I always thought that parents hid them after the kid cut theirself! (Mine did!) Then tell the kid he lost it when he can't find it.

I'm "Pozitive" you'll find it. Relax and just remember, it'll be in the last place you look. (Cause when you find it, you won't look anywhere else!)

I cut it, and I cut it, and it's STILL too short!

quick story...a long time ago, a bushy haeded kid named Danny (me) walked my 12 yr old butt into the local shopko (aka Kmart) and plucked down 20 bucks of hard earned paper route money and bought a then state of the art knife called a "Bucklite." It even came with a sheath in a goofy material called "nylon"...I used and charished that knife for about five yrs, when it diasappeared (about 1988 or so)...about two years ago, I was helping my brother move (why is it when someone "moves" they always say that they have moved all the "heavy stuff" and just a few boxes remain....??) Anyways, after the hundreth box was loaded, I grabbed the last box, and the bottom came out...and in all that clutter was my little sheathed Bucklite....I call it Karma, and practically put that knife into a little's weird how things work out....


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Poz..get one of those big magnet draglines they pick cars up with at the junk yards and put it near the front door of your house!
...everything with any metal in it will be sucked can then find your knife and everything else metal you have lost!! Make sure the kids and spouse are out on the sidewalk before attempting this recovery!!!
So what kind of knife did you lose?? You know you won't find it untill you buy a replacement knife, right?? Its just the way it works. Hope it turns up.

Are you saying your brother took your knife?? Brothers tend to do that. I have my brothers Swiss Army knife. I bet he thinks he lost it.

Hey Dano,

I have a story revolving around a similar knife, that is almost (but not quite) completely different.

I too bought a Buck knife when I was about 12. In my case it was a Scoutlight, which is basically a Bucklight with a BSA logo on it (or so I am told). Carried it everywhere. Used abused and basically did everything a young stoopid boy scout does to his never looked anything other than mint condition (miracles never cease). Can't say the same for its poor nylon sheath, but anyway...

In any event, after I went away to college and left the Scouts, the knife was used less and less frequently. In the endless process of moving into and out of dorm rooms and apartments, being borrowed by friends and being put in odd places, the knife was MIA more often than not...but it always turned up. It had gotten to the point that I no longer bothered to look for it when I could not find it, since I knew that it was lurking in some dark corner somewhere, waiting to be rediscovered.

During the time I have owned that knife (15 years!), I have lost 5 other knives, several watches, a wallet, and more sets of car keys than I care to recall. The scoutlight recently resurfaced (after a 6 month absence) and is sitting in my left pocket as I type.

Always nice to hold on to old things

Hope you find your knife, Poz.


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they're gathered for the feast.
They stab it with their steely knives
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OK, another little story.

Back in about 1971 I bought a Gerber fix blade knife for $15 of my hard earned pay from a after school job I had. It had a three inch blade, stainless handle, and nice leather pouch sheath. It was the first good knife I owned.

My Dad wanted to take me fishing in the Barnaget Bay on the New Jersey Shore, and I insisted we take my friend Tony. Dad didn’t care much for Tony, but he relented non the less.

We’re sitting in a row boat, with me in the stern, Dad in the bow, and Tony in the middle. Tony asks to borrow my Gerber. He has it in his hand for two seconds, and it fly’s out of his hand right overboard into the drink. I can’t believe my eyes! It was like some invisible force took it out of his hand and into the water.

Oh man how I wanted to just pick him up and through him in after it! He just sits there and says " Hay it was just an accident!" No apology, no offer to replace it, just this sorry excuse.

After that good old Tony didn’t look so good anymore, and I started to see Dad’s reasoning.

I still miss that little Gerber.

So Poz, what knife did you lose?

Sorry for the delay-chocolate bunnies beckoned

The case of the missing knife is on... Tip for others: never ever ever get a black bladed, black handled, black inserted knife. Maybe microtech should implant little red blinking lights on their knives from now on.

Its a Mini SOCOM.

The interesting part, is that, as its a liner lock, i always store it open... so i just might end up finding it in a bad way.

And as to buying another knife to find it (good suggestion BTW, creative therapy), i vowed to not buy another blade till the Forum Native....


hope you didn't lose it in the sofa, you might need a protologist to get it back

I recently lost my BM ascent in a parking lot this winter... there was a generous amount of snow/slush/crap everywhere and by the time I realized it had slipped out of my pocket (an hour later) it was too late
It was my first 'real' knife (as opposed to the SAK tinker and barlow knife i carried as a boy scout.) so needless to say I was greatly annoyed.

At least the Ascents aren't very pricey...

again, good luck!
Did you cut yourself recently with your knife and do you have a kid, wife, good friend....???SEE Ken Cook's post!

P.S. This is really just a rhetorical question, but his post was funny.

Crisis has been averted, my knife now resides safely in my pocket (as opposed to my flesh
). Only thing now, is i have to rearrange my pockets to accomadate it again..

But still um, YIPPIE

Ken Cook,
When my dad gave me my first knife at age six (a nice medium sized Boker stockman) he only told me not to bleed on the carpet after I cut myself. This is the same thing he told my brothers when the got their first knives because when the middle brother (I'm the youngest) sliced himself open trying to whittle in his room he came to my parents holding his other hand cupped beneath the cut one so he could catch the blood. Dad new we would cut ourselves eventually and he also new that blood never comes out of carpeting! Dad never would let us play with ropes when we were kids though! He would give us knives and .22 rifles but not rope. He said that it's obvious that knives and guns are dangerous but that kids inadvertantly choke themselves to death playing with ropes all the time because they seem so harmless. I've never heard anyone else say that but it makes sense to me. It's a good thing he never saw me and my buddies playing Commanche Captive or anything :^D (no offense to any Native Americans-I was just a kid and didn't know any better). Never have bled on carpet though, lots of linoleum and concrete and dirt, but never carpet.

Instead of a light how about a knife with a clapper built into it so that when you lose it you can clap your hands and it will beep?! That would be new and different (and useless)! We could even design a knife that comes with it's own remote operation key chain like a lot of the new cars. You could press the button once to make it beep, twice to spring open, and thrice to make it close! I'm going to be rich, where's that patent office?

Keep It Sharp
I know, how about a remote entry that doesnt allow it to open unless i press a special button on a key-chain.... Waiataminite, i could market in cahoots with Photon....

Or a call up system so i could dial my knife up and have it relay it's GPS coordinates...