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About Rob Simonich Custom Knives . . .

Jun 19, 1999
Does anyone have one of these thing!? They look just gorgeous on his website! Especially the Talonite prototypes. Anyone know anything about Rob or have one of his knives? I checked out his website, but am looking for a thumbs-up from a consumer. I think I'm going to take an expensive custom over a lower-quality production.


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Gator go to the review area, and check around feb-march. there should be a review by Yekim. From what I hear, they're ultra nice, I'm waiting till he can make the kits again(I want a talonite one). I hope I helped.

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I've had 3 knives made by Rob, and am waiting on a 4th(in Talonite) Anyone on the forum who has a Simonich will tell you what a great guy he is, and what awesome work he does. You won't be disapointed if you go with Rob.

I just received my D2 Wambli from Rob. Throughout the 5 month wait, he kept me informed about the progress of my knife. He always respoded in a timely manner and was always courteous.

The knife? It's in my pocket right now. It is a very well made piece of work. The fit and finish are beautiful. The edge is scary sharp.

Order one...any one of his designs. They are terrific values for the cost.

The only thing that will keep me from carrying this piece daily is going to be my new Decorated Sebenza when it comes in form Sid Post in September.


Chris Canis


I'm surprised. I'd thought Rob and other makers well known here have received a lot of very positive press. I know I've certainly posted a heck of a lot since sucking Rob into the Talonite game with my commissioning of Wambli #1 late last summer.

Bottom line is that you really can't go wrong dealing with Rob. I suspect his customer order book is such that you may find you'll have up to a year wait... but what he fashions is worth it!

I have 5 Simonich knives (2 Cetans,a Wambli, my babies the D'Cicci and Costoletta) and a custom short sword in the works. Everyone has performed superbly and look better than the pictures.

Just because someone mentioned it.....

I still like it alot, and I still carry it. IT is a good knife. Rob is a good person as well. I think the Cetan is probably the best knife for a first time custom buyer to start with.


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I own an ATS34 Cetan and I love it. My little brother in Texas is test driving it right now. I can't wait to get it back.
I have one of Rob's Talonite Cetans and it is a very nice design. No-one is kidding when they complement Rob on his skill or ease to deal with. You won't be sorry if you choose to get one of his knives.
I have Rob's Kanji in Talonite, the Nerak and the Nordooh in A2. Many of my friends also have his blades. We are all thrilled with his work. His quality is unsurpassed. Get one... you'll be more than pleased.

Ron Hood
Well, I think that I have a Talonite (r) Cetan and Wambli, both with Ti scales. I am not sure, as I returned these knives to Rob for sheath manufacture and other work, and haven't seen them since. I know for sure that I picked up a Wambli with fossil mammoth ivory scales when I visited Rob and Christine and Megan, and presented it to my eldest child a few days later on my Road Trip. She was ecstatic. Rob did up a pukka like sheath for it, and it went on Ann's R hip and created a permanent place for itself.

Also, I once had in my possession the Nick Blinoff chef's knife prototype. I went into my favorite restaurant, and the owner asked to buy six of them. At $500 apiece! He said that the initial cost of a knife is immaterial to him; what matters is how well the chefs can use them and how frequently they need to be resharpened. Rob really outdid himself with this knife. It is perfectly balanced, making it much easier to handle than any other 15" overall, 10" blade knife I have ever handled. The reticular (lacy) pattern of the Talonite (r), produced during hot rolling, is absolutely gorgeous. If you ever get one of these in your hands, get in natural sunlight and closely examine the blade. You will be amazed.

Rob has some more knives in the works. A shorter, medium chef's knife in the Blinoff design. A full size and medium size chef knife in the Michael Gettier design (Mike likes a narrower blade, i.e. shorter length from spine to edge at the choil).

I just hope that Rob eventually sends them to me <g>. Walt
After months of Mr.Bald1's ravings to me, I couldn't stand it anymore and snapped up a Cetan advertised on the "for sale" board, (thanks Tom). This thing is outstanding! Fit and finish is top notch. It exudes quality and is so beautiful in it's simplicity. Rob's work is to be commended.

To me it is the perfect everyday-carry fixed blade. It's small and unobtrusive but cuts like a much larger knife. I love the flat ground blade.

One complaint is with the Kydex sheath. It is way too loose and was told that this was a replacement for the original which was much worse!

The BIGGEST complaint I have though is that I didn't order a couple other models when "yer Baldness" first told me about the Talonite project. Rob's swamped now and deservedly so, (I'd love to have a big "chopper" made of this stuff).

Thanks Rob, Walt and Bob for instigating the birth of a great knife!

I got my first chance to play with a Cetan at Bladeshow....I ordered one before I left.

I'm pleased to see that you have come to appreciate both Rob's work and Talonite. And your narrative was correct.... I've been pestering you for months and months to do the right thing and get a Simonich Talonite blade <hehehehehehe>
... well now ya know why
Welcome aboard!


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Hi all-

I just received the Talonite Chef's knife that Walt mentioned above from Rob this past Friday. Now I am qualified to comment on the subject.

When I pulled this thing out of the box I was absolutely blown out of the water!!! All of my expections were surpassed. First of all, before I go on, take a look for yourselves-


The picture does not do this piece justice, to appreciate it fully you must feel the way that the knife eases itself into your hand and the exquisite balance and heft of the blade itself.

Rob has really finished this knife beautifully. There are no rough edges anywhere on the knife, and the top of the blade has been rounded off to make it easy on the fingers.

The handles are ELECTRIC BLUE G-10, an unconventional color, but one that I thought would say that this is not your traditional kitchen helper.

I too, was moved by Bald1's glowing testamonials late last year and was intrigued by the Talonite project. Walt Welch let me in on how he was working with Rob to develop Talonite knives for kitchen use, and with Walt's infectious enthusiasm and support I was soon committed to the project.

Now I'm looking forward to seeing how the Talonite performs day after day in a commercial kitchen, and with this masterpiece in my hands I feel a renewed sense of energy at work.

I had heard that Talonite doesn't take as good an edge as a conventional steel does, but Rob put a hair-popping edge on this baby.
I used the knife all day yesterday for everything-onions, celery, carrots, parsley, peppers, eggplant, zucchini, shallots, tarragon, tomatoes, lamb racks, chicken, salmon, pork etc., etc., etc. The knife was a joy to use and performed wonderfully.

I am very impressed with the quality of this knife and with the skill in which it was executed. I am sure that I will be a repeat customer of Rob's.

The Talonite factor of this knife I will reserve comment on until I have used this knife enough to get a read on it.

Great Job, Rob!!!!!

Tip of the Chef's toque to Walt Welch, too!!


Nick Blinoff
Very nice looking knife there Nick. I approve of your handle color choice; I have a Cetan on hold with Rob that has the same blue G10 slated for it's scales. Great to see it looks so nice. Enjoy your knife, I'm sure the Talonite will meet your expectations,, I've got one that I'm happy as all get out with.