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Accolade To a Fine Company

Nov 18, 1998
(Hope it's ok to post this here, wanted it seen.)
Well let’s see. I’ll try to keep this as short as possible. Back about four days before Christmas Michelle Espinosa tried to explain Spydercos pricing policy. Unfortunately, she upset a lot of people including me! I know now that she meant well, I believe it was just the way I may have interpreted her thoughts, and I made a statement at that time that Spyderco had lost me.
Not too long after that Mr. Sal Glesser, bless his heart, came on the forum and explained honestly and very well, many of the ideas and policies of the company.
On the 1st of January, at the end of one of his excellent comments he said, “Dane said Spyderco lost him. Maybe next year Spyderco will win him back.” Dang it, he did and has continued to do such a fine job that it didn’t take until next year to make me regret my statement, and Mr. Glesser, I am back!
Add to this a great experience dealing with Spyderco customer service. I sent an Email to customer service and was answered within several hours by Danelle O'Shea, who along with Mr. Glesser had the answers I was looking for. I’m sure Sing, on this forum would echo my sentiments about both Sal and Danelle. How could I not deal with a company that responds to the needs of their ELUs. Ok, I said it, I now admit to being one of their ELU’s and I’m proud of it. :) Thanks Spyderco. Now it’s time to buy a Dyad. That should solve the problem of serrations vs. plain blades.

That ElU stuff was rough! Very good things happened despite it all. Sal has been a (dare I say it? Yes!) a Knife God! And we are richer for it. Many people posted their strong feelings and it's nice to hear a knife pro like Dana continue to tell it like he sees it.

Dane - thank you. We will extend our best effort not to offend you again.

Mark - I appreciate your comments, but please not to embarrass me. just another guy that loves knives.
Good you are back, I guess you can buy enough of the both of us. Because I am not going to buy from them. I don't have anything against Sal or spyderco, But I don't like the pricing policy and the only way for us to let them know is not buy there stuff intill they change. If a company does something you don't like but they are really nice people well I will let get away with. That just doesn't work. Like I said I have nothing against spyderco. But not buy is the only protest I have. No matter how much I like Sal and his people, The marketing idea is wrong and I am not the only one that thinks so, So you tell me whats wrong with boycotting them intill they change it. If peolpe keep buying from them it will never change. I blame ALL the people that say I don't like it but OWell and keep on buying from them. It is your fault if they don't change there policy. And I will NOT buy anything from them intill they do.

P.S he didn't come intill after Michelle Espinosa mess it up. Do you think he would be here if she was recived better? I don't think so.

I tell you what if the guy is nice they can do whatever. That is what people say when he come here sounds good now people buy from them. I don't care if he is a horse's ass as long as the sell what I want at a fair price, and they trying to stop that with the pricing policy. So you go ahead and buy from them I will NOT

-Greg Johnson

Okay, i'm going to stick my lil newbie neck out (where did that chopping block come from?) and ask a dumb question: What pricing policy? This must have been before my time, or else i can't read or something. So could somebody be a knice person and give me an overview??

Sorry I brought all this up. I was trying to say nice things about a company, and explain how I felt.
I understand and respect your feelings, but I must tell you it was not the policy that caused me to be upset. It was the attitude of the lady who first answered. As to the pricing policy, I don't buy anything at list price, or deal with those who sell at list. It IS nice to know what the list is, so one knows a better deal when it comes up. The policy says nothing about having to sell at list, only advertising at list price.
I don't buy from the storefront places, only through my own known dealers, and they sell at discount. I couldn't care less about policies. :)
Welcome to the Forum. Remember, at best, what you read here will be the opinions of each of us who has an opinion :) and as such, take us with a grain of salt.

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Well that really make a lot of sence. You would stop buying from a company becauce you didn't like what they said, Cause some lady got you mad, then Sal mad it all better for. How nice. I don't care what they say just what they do.

If the pricing policy didn't bother you what
Michelle Espinosa said shouldn't have made a diff. I don't like the policy if you like it great it is a free country. But not buying just cause of something they said that is silly.

I just want service, that means product at a fair price. And no matter what you think this policy will make you pay more for it eventually. I don't like that if that is fine with you good. But is not with me.

And if anybody post stuff about spyderco in the general forum I will say my peace. I stay out of the spyderco forum. So I do not think that is out of hand. I could post in there but out of respect I don't.

But the pricing policy is wrong. It is a form of "legal price fixing" and the only reason they don't make the dealer sell at a certain price is because it is not legal.

And Poz about this being just someone's opinion, that is way I directed you to the old post.

I don't think I am the only one who thinks the policy is wrong.

-Greg Johnson

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OK, you win. None of this was part of my original intention. Let's let the thread die. If you want to begin a new thread, I understand and would support you, but leave me out of it. :)
i also think that spyderco makes an excellent product. greg, it does make a difference that mr. glesser comes to the forums and contributes. this fact alone makes me more inclined to buy spyderco products, no matter what their pricing policy. he is the leader of the company, so this says good things about his company. he did not come in here, clear up a mess, and then leave. he stayed and has contributed immensely. this gives me more confidence in his products, the same way that the fact that benchmade has a forum and responds to customers, gives me more confidence in benchmade's products. i may not like the pricing policies of the two companies, but they do other things to make up for it, and that is fine with me. if they find out it is not working, they will change the policies - not a big deal to me.
anyway - thanks again mr. glesser for your contributions to this forum. i'm looking forward to the martial folder!


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Greg - I respect your opinion and am sorry that Spyderco has caused you mental or emotional discomfort. It has always been our intention to try to be fair. Being fair means being fair to all (mfgrs, distr. dealers and End Line Users). Perhaps your focus is more from your personal point of view and not the bigger picture. I have found that when people have "equal knowledge", they will always agree. The only exception is when one is trying to hurt another. In that situation, they both have "equal knowledge" about what is happening, but disagree on the act.

Yes, it is true that I came on line to try to calm the anger over our advertising policy. I had never heard of BladeForums before I was informed by one of the crew that there was an angry thread. Michelle didn't try to make anyone angry. She simply tried to explain the reasoning behind the policy. I believed that the anger was the result of lack of understanding of the policy as well. (we are not price fixing, we are advertising fixing). So I put in my .02 as well. I stayed on because I believe that sharing information is the purpose of the forum and I have much history and information that I can and will share. You are certainly welcome to join in the Spyderco Forum as well. I am sorry that you would boycott our products over our advertising policy, but I can respect your views. I boycott knock offs and poor quality products because I think that the companies that offer "cheap" copies or products really don't care about the product or the customer, just the profit to be gained. That is my choice.

I can respect yours, even if I may disagree with your understanding. You can be sure that I will still try to do what I believe is "Honest, Fair and Proper (for all)". Perhaps one day you will see the larger picture.
Sal I respect you and your company and yes I only look at what your policy does for me. That is not wrong I am not an owner or share holder in your company. I think the policy is bad and the only way I can voice that is by not buying your product. If you think it is the best for your company well then you need to do it. What I keep saying is that a lot of people do not like the policy but will keep buying anyway, good for you, bad for the people that don't like the policy.
And a lot of the people soften up after you got here, Hey I am glad you are a great guy. And I keep saying this is not personal I don't care what kind of guy you are I buy product because of the overall value, Even if you are the biggest horse's ass (I am not saying you are)that make's no difference repeat that make NO difference at all. If I like the service then you got my business period, that is all that matters to me. Not how nice you are just the service. And I think the policy will hurt me. If people think that they should boycott if the policy doesn't bother them then they should keep buying it's as simple as that.

If this is not the right way to show you I dislike your policy then what is the right way?
In a free country you use your pocket book to tell companys you do not like what they are doing. I am sorry if people think this is wrong but I know of no other way to convey my dislike for the policy.

-Greg Johnson