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Advice on neck knife carry

Jan 18, 1999
Does anyone have any advice or tricks on comfortable neck knife carry?

I recently purchased a Wilkins Thorn neck knife with both leather and kydex sheaths, and I have been experimenting with a variety of carry options (each sheath can be used for neck or IWB carry). When I carry the knife on my neck, I find that the cord sometimes works its way up above my shirt collar on the back of my neck, which is kind of annoying. I have considered hanging a small counterweight from the neck cord on my back to keep it down, and I've also though about replacing the cord with something wide and flat, like a sunglasses strap.

Any advice?

I also discovered that when you carry the kydex sheath against your chest, be sure to turn it so the split ends of the rivets face *out*, or else they occasionally catch and yank off chest hairs. Now people think I yell and beat my chest for no reason...:O



The Thorn that I got from Kevin has a relatively thick and stiff cord (although I really like the self-locking bead). Something that is more pliant (along the lines of paracord) would probably cure the problem of the cord sticking out above your collar.

Greetings Bret. I might add that the inner strands of the paracord be removed. It will prevent "rolling" since the outer casing will be relatively flat and IMO a bit more comfortable. I tie all of my cords with a fishermans knot for adjustability. Depending on your carry purpose(s), be aware that if the cord is grabbed or inadvertently tangled it could spell trouble.


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I have a REKAT Fang and whenever I carry it as a neck knife, I absolutely refuse to use anything other than a beaded chain (dog-tag chain). Anything else, such as paracord, is simply too strong. The last thing you want is to be choked or strangled by your knife
You don't necessarily have to be in a physical confrontation for that to happen either, things hanging around your neck can and do get caught on things. At least the beaded chain will break before your neck does.

Another thing I've had success with is making a simple figure-8 shoulder rig out of paracord, this works quite well and is very comfortable, especially if you do a little experimenting and knot it so it'll keep its position. Hope this helps.


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I can attest to the comfort and usefulness of a "figure 8 rig". I currently use a piece of 'band', not a rope or string. The 'band' is more comfortable and harder to detect since it's flat. I use this "rig" to carry my Chris Reeve shadow IV, which is heavier than the typical neck knife. I use a piece of cord running from a rivet near the guard of the sheathed knife that runs along my back and through the right armpit loop (the knife is worn under the left armpit) to the other rivet on the sheath near the guard. It may sound a bit complicated, but this works really well for me. It keeps a larger and heavier knife from dangling around and it is very comfortable to carry becuase you don't have a piece of cord "cutting" in your right armpit. I hope this helps.
What is this so-called 'band', and where can I get some? I think something flat would work better for me than a round cord.

I tried pulling the liner out of some nylon cord I had lying around the house, but the shell is so stiff that it didn't make much difference - it still doesn't flatten out.



I think the 'band' is 1"nylon strapping(at least that is what I use for my rig). You can pick up nylon strapping at almost any cloth/fabric store by the foot/yard, and you should be able to get the quick release no-sew buckles at the same place. All of those materials are inexpensive, so go ahead and get some extra and experiment.
Hope this helps some.