AFCK opinions please


May 28, 1999
I would run a search, but the search function seems to be gone. I'm looking for a knife that fills the utility and defense role equally well. I've been told that the Benchmade AFCK is the way to go. Would this be a good purchase for my needs or should I look at some other models as well.

Any advice or opinions you could lend would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
It is a great all around knife. Defense or work, the design lends itself well to either.
Very solid knife no complaints fits the hand
like a glove. I found one for a great price
so I purchased it.
Rarely does a product become a legend in its own time. The AFCK certainly is one. In an industry where models come and go from year to year (even Benchmade rarely runs a model for more than a couple of years), the AFCK just keeps going and going. There's probably a reason for this.

I purchased my AFCK over three years ago. It has never failed me. I work hard, and my knives work harder. I have carried this knife in my hip pocket since I bought it, and where I live it gets HOT, the blade has never rusted. Now, Benchmade has introduced the Axislock- this is the only knife that competes for my pocket space. I still carry the AFCK, but more often than not, it is the Axislock that finds its' way into my pocket.
You can't go wrong with AFCKs especially in M2. Better still, an Axis with M2 blade when it's available.

The AFCK and the Axis often get mentioned together, and with good reason. I think the Axis is Benchmade's next homer. But, there is a fundamental difference between them: the AFCK is tip-down (the way God intended folders to be), and the Axis is misguidedly tip-up.

I've carried tip-down (the way God intended folders to be), for so long that if I was to carry an Axis, I would doubtlessly draw it wrong.

I like the Axis lock and I hope that Benchmade will follow the current Axis lock offerings with a tip-down (the way God intended folders to be) version soon.

It's flat-out my favorite folder. I won't say "best," but my favorite. Beautiful, sturdy, fast, and up to nearly every folder-appropriate job. I've carried one for over four years and through substantial modifications (it's also my favorite Benchmade to work on). Recently picked up an M-2 model that was unsatisfactory but a trip back to BM set things right. I eagerly await modifying it and using it.

To put it another way, it's the only >$50 folder that's lured me away from Spyderco. A very special exception.


(Why else would a bear want a pocket?)
For the price, I don't think that you can beat the functionality of the AFCK. It's an outstanding design and extremely user-friendly. I've used and abused mine for 2-1/2 years and I think that I've grown to like the design more and more over time.

I especially like the way that in a natural grip position the tip of the blade is easily deployed for any detailed cutting tasks, for example cutting parchment paper rounds to line pastry pans (it opens boxes pretty well also

Nick Blinoff
I was about to order an AFCK and got cold feet (see my most recent post. Then I went ahead and started shopping. Shop around. I have seen prices for an M2 AFCK from retail ($170.00) to MJS (see advertisers links)where I just ordered a plainedged AFCK in M2 for $100.00, including Shipping!!!!

Consider the Axis. You might like it better.

Work hard, play hard, live long.

Make sure you handle the knife you're buying. My BMs have been spotty WRT lock fit. Otherwise good stuff!
I guess I am the only one to have a problem. The lock released cutting cardboard and sliced two fingers. Benchmade stood behind their product and exchanged it for an axis!
My advice is to carefully test prior to hard use. Other wise a great knife. This knife must have been a rare exception. Good luck.

What? Another knife? Don't you have enough of those things already?
How many does one person need?
You know I went with the EDI Genesis over the AFCK and though I own several Benchmade knives I've never regretted it. The Genesis is truley a nice piece.
I own two full sized AFCK's in ATS-34 and they are pretty much inseperable from what ever clothing I happen to be wearing at the time. Haven't had any major problems, easy to sharpen, good feel in the hand and as sturdy as I ever needed them to be. What more can ya ask fer? Later, Jeff

Anybody seen the bactine, please?!?!?!?

The AFCK is a good choice. The sabre grip fits most handsvery well and the blade geometry is about as good as you are going to see in a utility folder.

As far as the steel is concerned, I prefer ATS34. M2 IMO is overrated and I have seen several people get rid of their M2 models for one reason or another, enough so that I don't carry it in my store.(I don't like returns.)

You might want to check out the REKAT Carnivore. Similar blade design, really good handle and a great lock. Much stronger than the AFCK or any other LL.

Isn't it amazing how 2 cents worth of opinion takes up a quarter's worth of paper???

I had some problems with my AFCK that weren't corrected the first time, so I've sent it back again...if everything is corrected, it stands a chance of being one of my all-time favorites. I really want it to be, just pray it'll have some real work done on it this time.
As far as design, an extremely comfortable grip, the point is in a straight line to the shape of the knife, at least the lock on mine was very solid. I too prefer the ATS-34 version on this knife.