African in Atlanta


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Mar 28, 1999
Hi Friends

Could I beg a favor ...... a fellow African and knife maker of note in South Africa is going to the Atlanta show. His name is Andre de Villiers and I don't know which table. If you can't find his table is is probaly the wild eyed guy trying to quit the crowd.

Ask him why he has a crap reputation in SA and if he is trying to rip the Yanks off ? After that tell him I said cheers.

The name is familiar and I look forward to seeing his work. I'm assuming this is meant in jest and should not be taken literally.

Well, you can't say something like that and then fade away! What's up Aubrey?

Someone had an Andre de Villiers folder at our San Jose beer pizza & knife get-together. It was gorgeous, and as I recall pretty reasonably priced.