AKTI on BladeForums.com?


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Oct 2, 1998
It's been mentioned before in passing, but let's bring this into it's own thread.

BladeForums.com would be more than happy to host a forum for AKTI, and we'd be honored by their prescence. Would you guys like to see them here?

If so, post a reply to this thread, and we'll see what we can do to swing it. It's come up in conversation before, but this would give them a bit more proof...


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I think it would be a god idea as it would let us know what they are doing, and it would probably help their membership drive. Even a post with info on membership would be appreciatted.
It seems like it would overlap quite a bit with the Political Arena forum. I think it's a good idea though, and I think it would make AKTI more visible to the people who matter: knife users. I think the organization would benifit greatly from BladeForum members' input, which would be available in bulk quantity.

David Rock
Excellent idea. I'd like to know more about AKTI before I take the 15 dollar plunge.
Yes to AKTI in BF!

Even if I'm not an American, I'd like to learn more about the Institute's activities for maybe Dannyc and I can start a "P"KTI here in the Philippines if the need arises...
I think it is a 100% win/win situation.

And I think they should have a Forum seperate from the Politics one, that way they could keep the spin positive and complaining to a minimum.

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I'm hoping AKTI is/will be a proactive forum for knife owners. This should be a good complement for the political forum.

That's a Yes vote for an AKTI forum.
Yes to a forum, and if anything, set it up in the Bladeforums Store so we can join.
It's a good idea.

Ron Knight

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Go for it, Spark.

Err.. Titan, are you crazy?!?!???? lol...

Sooner the better. I applaud Les and Sal (and anyone else associated, but not mentioned) for spearheading this effort.
Yes. This would surely be a mutually beneficial relationship. I'd like to find out more about their agenda...Let's get 'em on board!

Nick Blinoff
Wow this is a new record, twice this week i have thought an idae that wasnt mine was good.

another yay