Al Mar Falcon Ultralight - initial impressions

Mar 25, 1999
<a href=""><img src="" align=right></a>Yesterday, I got the second knife I've ever purchased before checking it out in person first, and this one too <strong>is just as good as I had hoped, or rather <em>at least</em> if not better</strong>.

The first thing you notice is that it's <strong>really, <em>really</em>, light</strong>. Numbers alone, 34g, doesn't do it justice, as it's not particularily small. In spite of this, it doesn't feel the least bit flimsy, but <strong>sturdy and solid</strong>.

The second thing you notice is the <strong>excellent workmanship</strong>. Fit and finish is on par with knives costing a lot more.

The third thing is the good ergonomics. The handle fits my hand perfectly and it seems to fit a wide range of hand sizes. The point is dropped just the right amount that it becomes easy to use it on a flat surface without having to angle the handle up too much, while having a good curve on the edge for slicing cuts.
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Mechanism is an ordinary lockback, there are thumb studs on both sides and the clip can be fitted on either side, but only tip up carry (regular readers will know I don't really have a preference for tip up or down).
There's no lanyard hole, unless one can consider the one where the clip is mounted as one, which I actually think is a <em>good</em> thing, as lanyards are actually useless most of the time.

Steel is AUS8A, the blade is about 2 mm thick and tapering which makes for good cutting performance, blade length is 80mm. Excepting the clip, the knife is about 8mm thick.

I'm <em>very favourably impressed with it</em> so far and think it's probably overlooked and too little known, as I'm sure more would like this kind of knife.

Urban Fredriksson
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Thanks for this nice review.

I seem to have same taste as you do. I have looked this one since I got my micarta Calypsos.

Is your falcons blade mirror-finished or is it normal version?

Thanks for the info, Griffon. Tommi said:
I seem to have same taste as you do. I have looked this one since I got my micarta Calypsos.
I'm also a fan of the micarta Calypso and have been interested in the Al Mar Ultralights because they look so similar. You have to think that they're both subcontracted out to same company... probably Moki. I don't know what it is about Moki knives, but for some reason they are very appealing.

I'd bet dollars to donuts that it's Moki, and that they also make the linen micarta Fallknivens, from their family resemblance to the micarta Al Mars, the Spydercos and some Moki fixed blades that I carry. Even saw a "real rumor" somewhere else that the Al Mar Ultralights are sold in Japan under the Moki label. Moki also makes the Beretta "International Guide" micarta or cocobolo fixed blades and Folder, from their family resemblance to some Moki label products. Good factory, doing good work for a lot of companies.

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I like these knives. I have been carrying an older, larger Eagle for a while (no pocket clip
) and love it. The thin blade take a razor edge quickly and easily. I took some 800 grit sandpaper and took the logo off the blade. I'll be polishing it back up with 1000, 1500, and 2000 in the next couple of weeks. A very comfy light duty knife for the money. I wouldn't hesitate to make an emergency slash with this thing either. It would easily cut to the bone.