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Al Mar knives, are they good and worth to collect??

Jul 20, 1999
i recently purchased 3 al mar knives. they are the special usmc, sf-sog 25th anniversary, sf-sog. i found them exceptional beautiful and very well built. but are them good interm of field performance and collection values??

thank u for your comments.

I too have collected Al Mar knives for years now. Not only are they some of my favorite using knives, but they have offered excellent returns on my investments. I bought one MAC-V Al Mar for $125, and sold it recently for $250. They're some of my favorite knives.


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I have a few Al Mars. One being the Applegate when they produced them about 12 or so years ago. I had it rehandled in Cocobolo and it is a sweet looking piece. I also have a few SERE's both fixed and folding. I think from what I have read that all the steel is AUS6 or 8. I find that to be ok on the small folders but lacking on the bigger knives.As far as fit and finish they are pretty hard to beat. The closest that I have found is SpyderCo. I'm not sure what direction the co is taking I had read that they were revamping and going to go full steam ahead under Mrs Mar but it hasn't seemed to happen as of yet. As far as collectables go I do know that most older pieces are getting pretty hard to come by.