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Al Mar S E R E 2000


Feb 13, 2000
I just got one and love it!! For comparison it is a little thicker than the Emerson CQC-7 knives. The pocket clip rides the butt of the knife and keeps the whole knife in you pocket but,it is still extremely accessable. The liner easily passed three extremely hard spine whacks.It came out of the box hair shaving sharp.I have cut cardboard,leather,wooden stakes and,a garden hose about ten times.It did not remain shaving sharp but,it remained VERY sharp.I would say it is a great mid sized folder.My wife played with it some and liked it enough that today she ordered one with overnight delivery,(she's not that easy to impress).Anyone who decides to get one will really like it ,IMO.
Cutlery Shoppe is the only one I know of that has them so far 1-800-231-1272.
If anyone has questions post here or e mail me. Dave P.S. with S/H it runs about $142.00
What's the fit and finish like on your sample? Even grind lines, smooth opening? I am very curious if the quality of the older Al Mars is still present. You see, I never hanled any of the newer Al Mar knives. Thanx.
I think AG Russel got them as well.
I too am curious about the post millenium quality. I love my older Al Mars so I hope for the best.
The gring lines are perfect,so is the edge grind. There are NO gaps between the liner's and the handle slabs. The liner is dead center when open.I wouls easily compare it to The stadards Al set when he was alive.The thumb stud is "layered",starting wide at the base then each of the two rings are smaller.Studs on both side's of the blade.They stick out a little more than the average stud but,doesn't interfere with putting it in the pocket or removing it.Also, there is a lanyard hole about a half inch form the end of the handle off set from the pocket clip.IMO this knife is outstanding!! Once I get a concealex sheath made the package will be complete.