Al Mar SERE, mine just arrived!

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Oct 6, 2000
I just received my Al Mar SERE and all I can say is that it IS GREAT, GREAT, GREAT! The quality is truely more than I expected. My choice was between the SERE and the LCC. For me, I made the right choice.

It seems that the SERE is designed completely around top quality components and workmanship. The end result is an exquisitely finished, understated quality design without any extra bells, whistles or fancy doo dads. It makes my other folders (including the Emerson Commander and numerous other brands and models) seem really second rate.

I have read a number of threads mentioning that the SERE's thumb studs were a little sharp. I have not found this to be the case on the knife I received.

I would recommend this knife to anyone looking for a pocket folder that is all business and top top quality.

It didn't disappear!!! your post is right here. In order for your original posting to pop up, sometimes you have to hit "refresh". I'd write more, but I'm sure you want to play with that "killer knife"
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