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Alan Folt's Baby Bear Knife

Feb 1, 1999
Alan sent me the Baby Bear knife about a month ago, right in the midst of finals!! But I've finally gotten my thoughts gathered and here's my first impressions. My very first thought, if I remember correctly, was "tight!!!"
(For those of you that don't know this means basically extremely cool!)
I was with my friend Jennifer when I opened the package, and she also thought it was cool. We both think it's cute. Although I'm sure you men would find other things to call it that are equally as good.
After I opened the package, I proceeded to try and take the knife out of the sheath. I had a difficult time to say the least, and Jennifer is the one who first figured out how to get it out. When I next talked to Alan on irc chat, (woohoo!!!! visit us!!!) he told me that the sheath would loosen up, and it has.

Anyway, I'll get the only bad thing out of the way first. To take the knife out of the sheath I have to place my thumb on the edge of it and pull the knife out. The edge of the blade faces in that direction and could potentially cause someone to cut a thumb. It's not too likely but could happen and seeing how sharp the blade is would cut pretty good. So there's the only bad thing I have to say.

The knife fits perfectly in my hand and feels great. On the top of the knife there is a place where Alan put a grip. This makes the knife easier to use and and keeps my thumb from sliding down the knife when I use it. I think the best way to describe the things I've used it for would be like I would use an exacto blade. The edge is very sharp and cuts paper like a razor blade. It's very useful. It could work as a knife for some kind of crafts.
So there's what I think of it. I'm by no means an expert in knives. But maybe that will give this review a new perspective. I would reccomend this knife to anyone. It's just too cool!!
Nice review Liz. Hopefully that Kydex will ease up for ya. Next time in chat I bet Alan could give you a few suggestions on what to do.

How about a pic of it ?

See ya in the chat room.

icq 61363141
Just some knife pictures
hey richard thanks! the sheath already has loosened up. as for pics..i tried to take some but they turned out really blurry. i also tried just scanning the knife but that didn't work so well either. so i dunno what to do about that.

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Nice review Liz, I hope you enjoy your knife and it doesn't ever bite you.
I talked to Alan, and he informed me of how I should be taking the knife out now that the sheath is loosened up. (one handed
) No more problems!!
Here are some pics of the knife..sorry for bad quality.



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Thanks for sharing, Lizabelle. What is that scale material? looks nice. I've been surprised at how useful small fixed blades can be, have one on order from Allen Blade and another from Jens Anso, just might have to try one of these, too.