Alan Folts is a God!

Nov 4, 1998
Despite heatwaves and hurricanes, Alan got me the knives I ordered. They are blanks actually, heat treated and finished, and he gave them a mirror polish to boot, just because he was sorry for the delay in getting them to me.

These are a design that we designed at the '99 Atlanta Blade show. It was my original concept for a truck visor knife, but they became more of n all around utility knife. What I wanted was a basic drop point, but with an overall arc to the knife to give it the same cuting power of a recurve, but with out the sharpening hassles.

What I got was some pretty little knives. The smaller one is 8" OA with a 3.5" edge, and the larger one is 10" OA with a 4-1/4" cutting edge. Both are made from 3/16" L6 steel and are double tempered.

Alan put alot of time and effort into these blades. If he were to sell them he said his price would be $100 each, and even at that price that are well worth it. I am going to do my best to finish them and hopefully, with a little luck, the finished product will be worthy of the effort put into the blanks.


Design Features:
index groove and finger groove in choil for choking up
thumb ramp
flat ground/mirror polished

Alan did an excellent job on these and is willing to make more of them. The design name is "Angun" (Yupik for provider). Alan is currently working on a finished version for me. Alan is more than willing to make kits and complete knives from a customer's design. His knives are an excellent value and he will not let it go until he is happy with it, so one can be assured of the quality. he can be e-mailed at . Buy a knife from him now before he gets famous and expensive.


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Good maker,,,maybe, i dont know the man,,,,but GOD,,,,,not hardly.

my .02

Take Care,

Allen Blade
I know they turned out good, but thats a little extreme....

The wife will be happy I am a god though..

You think they will give me a raise on the 9-5 job if they knew??

Just kidding, glad ya like um Yek, just do them justice with some nice handles...

Alan - the knives in the giveaway - what kind are they, steel used and names of them? Not farmiliar with your knives I'll admit, but curious...

The dagger is forged from 5160 coil spring, the fixtures are of brass, 303 stainless, aluminum and black alabaster.

The tanto is not steel at all but G10 surface hardened a bit with superglue, with blue G10 handles, micarta pins and a kydex rig with no metal in it either...

Hope I answered the questions...


Hey its ok ya might not be GOD ,,but from the COVER shot on Bladeforums it looks like ya make very nice Knives!!!

Take Care,

Allen Blade
Nice designs, guys. Comfy looking handles and utilitarian blades. Can't tell from the picture, how deep are the blades from spine to edge? What would the finished knives
cost approximately, say using micarta or G10? Thanks.


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Okay, so I may have embellished a little bit. I am just happy that despite natural disasters and flood caused disease, Alan Folts came through with my knives. All of it was done for materials I traded him a long time ago. I was always calling him and messaging him on ICQ and generally being a pest, and he still made the knives. Alan could have easily dropped the project, but he endured, and despite the long wait, the were well worth it. Alan put extra effort into making them, and would not send them out till he was happy and proud of them.

"God" might have been a little too strong of a word, but I could not think of any other word that would accurately portray my appreciation for Alan's work. Along with the Blanks Alan made for me, he was also working on a complete Angun out of San Mai steel, and he also rebuilt a custom folder that I have and made some parts for an Engnath blank I have. The man does good work, and did alot of this as a favor to me. All i can do right now is to sing praises for the guy...well type singing voice is something like Joe Cocker with a wedgie.....but you get the point.

Hey Yekim, I understand. You got a little excited & I can see why! Great looking blades
. I hope you post a picture on the Forum so we can see how they turned out when finished.