Alex Daniels drop point hunter

Aug 25, 1999
I received my Alex Daniels drop point hunter today. Knowing only what it looked like, and that it was marked "A.K.Daniels, Lynn Haven, Fl", I was a little apprehensive while waiting for it to arrive. I posted a thread a couple weeks ago asking if anyone had heard of AK Daniels, and Dr.Lathe responded that it may be Alex Daniels, highly regarded for his reproduction Bowie knives. Neil (Dr.Lathe) was also kind enough to include the address and phone number for Alex Daniels. I gave Alex a call today, and he told me that the knife was indeed one of his, made about 10 years ago, and he remembered it clearly. He said that the steel was ATS-34, and that the beautiful wood scales were stabilized live oak. The knife and sheath are very well made. The knife sits perfectly in the hand, and the 3 1/2" drop point blade is well suited for use on all types of game. The butt of the knife is the old "canoe" shape, which indexes it in the palm nicely. The wood is full-figured, dark oak, which matches the coffee-colored leather of the sheath perfectly. The sheath appears to be incredibly stout; thick leather with perfect stitching. All in all I am very happy with it, and it is a welcome addition to my collection of hunters. If anyone knows about any other Daniels hunting knives, I'd love to hear from them. Alex told me that he is no longer making hunters, as his backlog of Bowies keeps him very busy. He said that he makes the occasional folder to keep from "burning out" on Bowie making. He was a really nice guy, who was more than happy to hear from an owner of one of his knives.