(All sold) A Case XX era, and a nice stockman bundle!

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Aug 11, 2012
Please PM me to claim a knife! I may not check this thread frequently. First up is a Case XX (1940-1964) pattern 31 1/2 two blade jack. This has the “Gum Fuddy”, rough black synthetic scales. Both blades are tight and snappy! $60.00 0FA7446F-0713-4DCC-A3C0-B76D9981C937.jpeg 575B109B-F1D9-4AA1-9C0F-9384BD853D99.jpeg Next I have a great bundle deal, if you’re a fan of the Stockman pattern. It will include all three of the following knives. A Schrade USA, in carbon steel. I believe the pattern number is an 801, or 881. I can’t see that well, but it’s clearly stamped. Also, a Sears Craftsman stockman that I would guess was made by Schrade. It’s incredibly similar to an 8OT. And finally a Boker 6066, from Solingen Germany, with dark wood scales. I’ll call these three used, but Craftsman and Boker may not be. They have however been handled and show some signs of that. All three are solid with good snap. You won’t be disappointed in this group for the price. $60.00 for all three!!! Prices include USPS First Class shipping in the continental USA. EFD44233-F05F-4D42-B0BE-B44508648D2A.jpeg 3D374366-0295-4EB3-B9E4-30E20F3F84A6.jpeg 994B180A-4544-4F35-ADE9-E8A54419366B.jpeg
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Jul 18, 2018
I will take them all if you will send them in a priority box.
Email me and I will get you paid.

Payment Sent. Thank you
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