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(ALL SolD) ZT 0452 m390 g10 rose gold, PM2 204P, PARA 3 M390

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Oct 14, 2014
All knives are new unless otherwise stated.
Prices include shipping and payment will be taken via PayPal f&f.
Add fees if buyer decides to use goods and services.
Knives begin shipping Monday via USPS.
Feel free to message me or email me at mrsuperblue@gmail.com

1st "I'll take it" has priority. Will try and go in order of interest.
I reserve the right to sell to whom I choose in the end.
Only trades are for Spyderco: Endura/Delica jigged bone damascus, UKPK orange g10 leaf and Red Persian.

$old - Lightly used - ZT 0452 M390 Rose gold g10
Knife is in excellent condition overall. Blade and edge in excellent shape (edge is still factory). Dge was hardly used. Great action. Lockup is about 40% so its perfect. Shows the smallest signs of carry. This is a beauty.

$old - New - Paramilitary 2 CTS-204P Exclusive

$old - Lightly used - Para 3 m390
Carried some and hardly ever used. Cut a few packages open. Blade and edge are still flawless. Scales are just a little dirty. Other than that the knife is like new. Amazing action on this one.

$old - New - Stretch Super Blue

$old - New - SuperLeaf

$old - New - Lil Matriarch

Here is a couple links to other sale posts with tons of Spyderco for sale:



Thanks for looking!


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