Allen Blade Combat Patrol Bowie

May 4, 1999

I don't write a review of every knife I buy, but my most recent acquisition exceeded my expectations so much that I have to write a little something about it... it's a 9" Combat Patrol Bowie by Allen Blade. I got mine with a single guard (double guard is standard). The blade is 5160, differentially tempered with a very distinct tempering line (hamon, whatever you want to call it).

Fit is excellent; the buttcap, handle, spacers and guard feel as if they're one piece of material. There are no gaps at all between the blade and guard. The blade is ground extremely well, with the flat grind all the way up to the spine but not breaking the spine, and the shoulders match up perfectly. The spine is rounded to increase the blade's flexibility. Finish on the blade is a grey coating. I usually don't like blade coatings, but it looks appropriate on this knife somehow.

The blade came shaving sharp with one of Allen's famous Kydex sheaths (famous on Bladeforums, anyway
) Compared to my Broadwell PDK, the only other fixed blade knife with kydex sheath that I have, the Combat Patrol Bowie's sheath is very tight; it takes a good yank to get it out of the sheath and snaps into the sheath with a loud snap. At first I thought it was a bit too tight, so I took both knives by the sheath and tried to loose the knives with a flick of my wrist. The PDK flew out of the sheath with a light flick, whereas I couldn't get the Combat Patrol Bowie out of the sheath using two hands and swinging the knife over my head and down to the ground. Needless to say, the only way you're getting this knife out of the sheath is if you intend to, which I'm inclined to believe is a good thing.

I just got the knife last week, and don't intend to do any testing for testing's sake, but the knife did stand up very well to some yard work I put it through. Some of you may have read my "tree stump" thread a few weeks back; as it turns out, the largest of the stumps had exposed roots and was already rotting, so I decided to sever the roots and drag the thing out of the ground myself. The tree was right next to a concrete patio, with the largest of the roots going under the patio. I noticed right away that though the stump was rotting and coming loose in the ground, the roots were very much green and still hanging on. After a good long while, a few blisters and a lot of cussing, I managed to chop through the root; I'd guess the diameter was about 6", all extremely hard, dense wood. I don't know what type of tree it was, but the wood feels every bit as hard as the ironwood I have in my shop. The blade stood up very well, despite two full-on chops into the concrete patio (accidental). The blows to the patio were near the tip of the knife, and messed up the edge just a bit. There are a few tiny chips in the edge, but nothing a quick sharpening won't take care of. As for the rest of the blade, the part of the blade that bore the brunt of the chopping won't shave anymore, but still cuts cardboard. (I know, I said no testing for testing's sake, but I had to try it.)

The handle proved to be comfortble; from the pictures I saw before I received the knife, it looked blocky, but Allen grinds in a palm swell that you can't really see in the pictures, which makes it fit the hand pretty well. I did get a blister on my thumb, but I probably need to toughen up my hands anyway.

All in all an excellent knife; I've got an order in for a 13" model and that won't be my last, either... Allens knives are fantastic buys.

Did I mention that this knife only cost about $150? I've seen lesser knives sell for more than twice that much! But don't you all go ordering at once and push the wait time to five years, alright? There are still a few more Allen Blade knives I want first!


I have several of his knives on order and, with a review like that, I may need to add a few more! You're making the wait harder

Prices for his work are certainly reasonable. While he may not compete with Buck, Gerber, etc. his prices are close enough that many people could own a much better knife at a similar price point.

Stay Sharp,
llen Blade is a "Best Buy" in the knifeworld. He is honest, a hell of a craftsman and capable of "art knife" quality work when requested. Also he puts up with my "I want a Talonite ...."
Sid Post, thanks for the Allen Blade web link.
I plan on being in Spokane this Oct. and hope to met with Allen.
Talk knives and do some buying.
Allen is a very nice gent. He's very patient, too. He answers all questions in a straightforward and honest way. His prices are excellent and he makes true using knives. When you buy an Allen Blade knife you want to use it and use it hard. The two that I have have performed great and I got a talonite MEUK coming very soon.

~Greg Mete~
Kodiak Alaska
I have one of Allen's 9" Combat Patrol Bowies with a double guard. It is the best large knife I have. I also have one of his 7" Recon Patrol Leaders. Great knives at great prices.

Kevin Pensinger at has mentioned MANY times about the quality of Allens knives AND Kydex sheaths. That is a great looking design at a GREAT price.

Knives IN STOCK!!!!
Good looking knife at a realistic price. I like makers who give, rather than take. All the best with them.
I put 20 Talonite Chipmunks order to this great man and received first 4 last week.

Very very good quality and excellent craftsmanship. My friends here who have their Talonite Chipmunks are all super happy.

But, hey Ryan, you just make the waiting list longer.

That is great news, but how in the heck do I know what song he wants me to sing? Heheheh.

Thanks for the kind words about my knife Ryan, hope it works good for you for a long time to come. The sheath will lighten up a bit in retention with use but still be secure. Also as is my policy on the FIeld Grade finished knives, if it ever gets to ugly looking from use send it back and i will redo it for you. To the other posters thanks for the kind words also.

PS. Greg i like the song " TRY" by Janis



Allen Blade
Spokane,WA USA

" You can make great knives and sell a few, Or make Great AFFORDABLE knives and sell many"