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Allen Blade Talonite Neck Knife


Oct 3, 1998
Allen's neck knife web page. http://www.geocities.com/bladecutlery/blade_cutlery_site008.htm
Pic. of mine crappy wrap was done by me. http://albums.photopoint.com/j/View?u=1458952&a=10966121&p=39792657&Sequence=0&res=high
Blade is Talonite, 2 7/8 from plundge. 1/8 stock flat ground down to a little under .015 requested by me. Handle is 4 and 1/8 thick. Knife is 1 1/16 at widest point and 6 7/8 long. Sheath is Kydex and 4 3/4 long, 1 3/4 wide, and 5/16 thick. All measurements are accurate and true any one saying other wise is iching for a fight

I have had this knife for a little over a half a year now and am very pleased with it. First the Negatives - nitpics really. The cord sent along with the knife is way short/useless, about .5 cannot even tie a nice knot for a fob with it. The thumb groovs could also be a little longer. mine has 3 on the left side and 4 on the right, 5 on both sides would be about right I think. Other than those two small things I cannot find anything to bitch about. For those of you who think a hand made cannot have perfect grinds check out Allens work. All grinds are right on the money even strait and centered perfictly. The thumb groove patern is really nice I call it a tractor tire patern and really works well, one of my favorite parts of this knife. The handle is very comfortable, even with out the cord wrap I had on it for awhile. I carry this knife in the pocket and it is a very handy sized blade for just about any use. I had Allen grind this one thinner .015, than he usually does on Talonite .02. It has held up very well. I love opening bags of weed killer, fertilizer, and salt now in the winter, with out having to worry about corrosion eatting away the edge. I have only resharpened the edge 1 time and that was only to thin it out a little more, 15 degrees. Talonite has had some bad press about being weak, soft bla bla bla. I haven't seen it. I have used this knife alot even done some prying, with the very thin tip and no damage. I have not been careful with this knife at all and it has really held up. It has stayed sharp for a good long time. Will it out last some other steels? I don't really know but cut open a bag of salt and find out yourself
I believe the weakness of Talonite has really been over stated and for a all purpuse knife around the 3 to 6 inch size I would say Talonite is a great choice. Allens Blades and sheaths are a must have for anyone who needs a well made knife that can do the work. Go check him out and place a order, but don't do it until I get all the knives I want from him first

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Yeah, Allen is my pick for "Best buy" maker! How much was this Talonite wonderknife? I have two in the works from Allen, also in Talonite. I will post a review when I get them.
Cfish Allen always charges me extra because i am such a bastid to him.
Truthfully it was very cheap for what I got cannot remember exactly what it was. To ad to the review it is his two-tone finish and his satin finish is one of the best I have seen. This knife is so well made it is a steel at any price. And for a neck knife I cannot think of any better material than Talonite.