Amateur Review of the Spyderench


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Oct 12, 1998
Amateur review of the Spyderco Spyderench:

Now that I've had my Spyderench for about 1 week or so I thought I'd share my observations about this unique multitool.

I'll break down this review into 3 parts. Part 1 will be titled "1st 15 minutes", Part 2 will be titled "1 week with the Spyderench", and Part 3 will be titled "Conclusion".

Part 1: 1st fifteen minutes:
I've had my eye on this tool for at least 6 months as I'm sure many of you have as well. I've looked over the pictures time and time again but nothing could prepare me for the day I actually took it out of the box.
One word: WOW!!!!
First thing I noticed was the Spyderco hole. The blade easily opened with one hand (right hand only) was smooth and locked up solid, and has been an adequate cutter. (more on this later)
The next thing I wanted to do was to see just how complicated this tool was to operate. After reading many negative comments about this I was looking forward to handling in myself. Step 1 : I put away the instructions. Step 2: I started my stopwatch and put the tool in all its configurations and in position to use each implement. Total time 5 minutes. That is taking my time. Within another 10 minutes I was proficient enough that I could get to any implement I wanted within 1 minute, and usually a lot less. This tool is NOT that complicated. After the 1st 15 minutes: I'm in LOVE!!

Part 2: 1 week with the Spyderench:
During the last week I've used it for just about any project I could find. I've used it at work, I'm a computer/network harware technician,
I've used it at home in my workshop and around the house. Here's my take on each implement.
The Knife. It was adequate to do most jobs. Obviously it's not going to compete with my Endura, Military and others but it did the job just fine. It was more comfotable to hold than I thought it would be and it had enough edge length to do most cutting tasks. Plus the 440C blade steel should give good performance.
Pocket Clip: Was way too tight on receipt. I couldn't clip it on naything. I had to remove it and rebend it, once this was done it was fine. I carried the tool clipped to my pants using the clip and althought it wasn't too heavy a nice sheath for it is definitely a must.
Slip-Joint Pliers: Takes only a second to get into position, and function well. Quite well actually. The only drawback that I could see is that what ends up being the "handles" of the pliers are a bit short and with my large hands it was, a few times, difficult to get a good grip and apply adequate pressure.
Crescent wrench: Takes only 15 seconds to get into psoition and work extremely well. Whether in the fully extended position or when the tool is split in 2 pieces it functioned like any quality crescent wrench. There are a few good grip locations when using it fully extended that should satisfy most users.
Screwdrivers: With the tool fully extended you flip to the other side and you have the hex-bit adapter. 4 bits are included and they are held in by a magnet and hold quite well. The long bit actually covers the 4 hex bits but once removed I tried to dislodge them by shaking the tool but they stayed put. These 4 bits can also be replaced by any bits the user may need. The long extended bit also had 3 diamond coated files on its 3 sides but I have yet to use them.
The tool proved most useful split in 2 pieces. You can use the crescent wrench with either the knife or any of the hex bits. This feature came in handy more than once at work.

Part 3: Conclusion:
Overall I am EXTREMELY pleased with this tool. It does just about everything Spyderco has claimed and did it well. It is very solidly built and engineered. This tool is not for everyone though. I don't believe it would make a good fishing/hunting/ survival tool, I still prefer my Swisstool for that. BUT if you are a technician / mechanic/ technical worker like myself, or just like cool toys this tool makes a fantastic addition. You won't be disappointed.
My standard carry, everywhere toolkit now is a: Nite-Ize pockits with a Spyderench, Swisstool, and BM Axis. With these 3 items I could repair just about anything.

Thanks Sal and Spyderco for NOT making another "me too" multitool.

The Spyderench is truly, well..... EVOLUTIONARY

Hey - thanks for nothing - just when I menage to convince myself I don’t need it...

Now I KNOW I have to get one...

Good review, Walter.
I briefly handled one of theses @ Blade Show in Oct. and I admit it was a bit baffling, but there were lots of folks lined up to fondle it so I didn't get to familiarize myself with it. But I also was impressed with it's construction. When I can, I'll probably get one, just because of it's unique quality.

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I've had mine less than a week, but I've been going out of my way to use it on everything I can find. I am very pleased with its functioning. It has done ecverything I asked of it well and easily. I love being able to hold a nut and tighten the screw with the two pieces. Unique and, sometimes, necessary.
Sal and company have done very, very well.


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WOW sounds great...Cant wait 'till i get mine

thanks for the review

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After a Wave, a SOG Parartool, Gerber, and an original Leatherman. My first impression was that it was rattly and way complicated, but even now as a lefty I still want one!
Do you reckon it beats a Gerber, though? The gerbil is my regular multi-tool (I love the one-hand flick pliers) and I much prefer it to the Leatherperson (our standard work issue) where you have to open something to put something away. Where does the Spyderthing slot in this hierarchy?
The Rench can be a bit rattly. Just jiggle the adjustment on the crescent wrench a touch and it will butt up to, and hold firm, the slip joint plier handle.
I had to have one because it was a new toy and because it had a crescent wrench which no other tool has. The quality is excellent as per spyderco standards. But the spyderwrench is just to much of a hassle to use. The simpler leathermans are more practical for everyday use. Nothing to fall off or lose. Can use it in the dark and still have everything when you`re through.



For once, one can't go wrong with Spyderco. But I am wondering whether this definitely cool thing is worth around $85 that I saw it run for.