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And the answer is....Hallberg neck knife

Oct 4, 1998
And the question was "What knife and carry system will my college-age daughter make a habit of keeping with her?" She attends a large university in a pretty big town. She has been good about toting a Spyderco Endura in her backpack, but I wanted her to have faster and more immediate access. The problem is that she dresses like a teenage girl, so a multi-carry option was important. I wanted a lot of blade in an easily concealable package and she had to like it stylistically. I consulted with Chuck Hallberg and this is what we came up with:


I hope that posted. The knife is 1/8" D2 and just under 7" OAL with a 3.5" blade. Scales are green/black G10. It came with a kydex neck sheath and even cooler is a slip type leather pocket sheath. You can see another pic of the knife and sheath here:

On the back of the sheath is a clip that allows it to be attached to the pocket. Enough of the handle is exposed to allow for easy access without being wildly obvious. It's a really nice setup.

My daughter received this on a recent birthday and she was quite pleased. The handle fits her hand nicely and the knife conceals well in both carry modes. She discovered that with her tight jeans on (the kind she prefers, of course) that the pocket sheath didn't allow for things like sitting down, but with the clip it fit conveniently into the inside pocket of her purse. Not ideal, but better than not having it at all. At least for the weekend she was home it was a constant companion. My hope is that she will make a habit of having it handy. It makes Dad feel better.

Thanks to Chuck Hallberg for turning this idea into a reality. All aspects of knife and sheaths are first-rate. You can peruse more of his fine work at:


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