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André de Villiers- anybody got one?

Big Dave

Gold Member
Dec 18, 1998

I like the look of André's tactical folders?

Can anyone do a review?

Check out his web site: http://www.knifemaker.co.za/default.htm


Hi Big Dave - you might want to trot on over to the Custom Forum, as Les Robertson sells ADV's knives. He can tell you more in detail. They are good looking and looks like they would hold up in any situation. I've never seen his work up close, but will have the chance to in June, as ADV is slated to exhibit at the Blade Show.

Dexter Ewing
Knife Reviews Moderator

"The keystroke is mightier than the sword"

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The one I saw at Arizona Custom Knives (4 total) were kind of shoddy for the price. The design is generically nice.
NamViet Vo:

How was your deployment during Desert Fox? What was the favorite knife of your troops?

Anyway, that's a surprise in regards to Andre's knives.

Could you elaborate a little more.

Was there too much blade play? Was the finish not up to snuff? How was the lock up?


Big Dave,

Please see my review in the other forum. Most favorite was the Spyderco Military.

Andre's knives I saw at AZ Custom Knives were supposed to be his entries into the US market so I was more critical at the details. The locks did not pass the AT Bar's test. The fit was so-so and the finish was average. Overall quality was below the current Benchmade. I wonder what the warranty would be since he is living in SA.