Another for Raker Knives (Ray Kirk)


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Oct 3, 1998
I remember Blues mentioning Ray Kirk a few months ago. He seemed to be impressed with Ray Kirks knives. I went to a show intending to speak with Ray, but was not able to find his table. Fast forward to a few days ago and I see the review by maddog2020, which renewed my interest. I finally called Ray, and made an appointment to see his knives. He makes very nice knives. Ray himself seems like a very easy going kind of guy. He was a real pleasure to visit with. Anyways, I ended up with a 'lil blue' neck knife
Made from 52100, and sharp as a razor, I believe this will soon be my most used and carried knife. All around the handle and blade spine is nicely rounded for comfort. The handle is just long enough to wrap all my fingers around, and is very secure. The sheath is kydex and meant for neck carry. A nice surprise, is that instead of the typical para-cord, you get a nice, soft elk hide cord. And instead of having to tie and un-tie a knot to make the cord the right length to carry the knife how you want it, Ray uses brass beads. You simply put it over your head, and slide the bead up and down to desired length. It holds very secure. I cant wait to actually put this knife to work, it should be a pleasure to use. Thanks Blues and maddog2020 for steering me towards Raker Knives.

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Notice the knife is resting on its certificate. When you get one of Rays knives, it has a letter that tells of its materials, and design. Your name is put on it, and the date you purchased it. It is then signed by Ray. Its a nice touch.

Way COOL Richard!

I am planning on some more Raker knives in the near future as well.
It would be great to meet Ray, but I live much to far away.

Did you have a chance to handle the sister knife to the one I purchased, or no?

Glad to see you picked up a very nice piece from a great guy and knife maker as well.

The certificate it a nice touch IMHO

Ray 'md2020'
Yeah Ray, as a matter of fact I did handle the sister knife to your. VERY pretty work.

Too bad ya live so far away, Ray seems like a very nice person. I really enjoyed the visit.

He also had a couple of other knives I wanted, but I didnt think I could have explained that to my wife

I forgot to mention, the prices on his knives are almost to good to be true.... but its true

Nice write-up & picture, Richard. I'm envious that you had an opportunity to meet Ray & view several of his knives in person. It really does seem like we've got the beginnings of a Raker fan club here.



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Rich, that is the same knife I was thinking about getting. Great choice.
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You're a lucky man, Richard. I've ordered my DAT tanto (damascus blade with bone handle), but I'm waiting until May for delivery.
I hope to avoid the Wrath of Wife by telling her it's a birthday present to myself.
With all these good reviews coming in, I can't wait...

P.S. Ray's prices truly are excellent.
Good choice Richard and welcome to the fold.

You will find that the Lil Blue II is a great little knife.

I used mine a lot for whittling (which never even came close to dulling the edge) and then turned it over to "Nemo" (Jean-Manuel) when he was over here visiting in December from Paris.

Jean-Manuel described the Lil Blue II as a "chainsaw" when it comes to carving wood.

For those of you who are interested, Ray will be going for his ABS Journeyman Stamp at the 2000 Blade Show in Atlanta. It would be an opportunity for you to meet him and congratulate him (maybe buy a knife or two
)at the same time. Food for thought.

It's great to see what a medium like this forum has been able to do for getting the word out about a heck of a knifemaker as well as a heck of a nice guy. Ray's kind of the quiet type, so if it wasn't for his friends spreading the word, you might not have had the chance to learn about his work.

That said, don't buy all of his stuff, save me a few pieces!


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Hey Richard, Really nice knife! Congradulations! Does Ray Kirk have www site that I can visit? And where is his shop? Thanks for any help, Eddie

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db. I try to keep the Lil' Rank, Lil' Blue, and the Lil' Blue II in stock. Just in case I need another one.
I want to thank those that are happy with their knives and I truly do appreciate their opinion. Take care and God Bless All.

Ray Kirk
You are correct Allen. It is a certificate. It give a little info on the knife, the date purchased, buyers name, and signed by Ray. I think its kind of neat myself. Makes the knife a little more personal.