Another look (PICS)

Dec 14, 1998
Take a look



Your designs and execution are absolutely beautiful. I indeed like this knife, but must confess that the exotic handle material, gold fill and such classifies such an instrument for me as a piece of art that I would be unwilling to carry and use. I'd simply hate to mar or worse yet loose such an outstanding piece.

I know you've taken some of your designs and fitted them with more pedestrian fixtures. I would think that this design would excell in a practical form.

Please understand that although I have a fair share of knives and some are fairly pricey, none are of the same valuation as your art/collector offerings. Hence my perspective and admiration from afar.

All the best!


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I am really looking forward to meeting youat the Blade Show. Will you have this one with you? Would really like to get a better look at the filework along the spine.
How's that nickel screen working out? I will be getting another 100 lbs. in July.

This is another beautiful knife! Thanks for showing some of your wonderful creations to us. Unfortunately they are all a bit too high end for me. Maybe - when the "knife nut on a budget" gets his kids through school and the budget get a little bigger - sigh! ... .
Looks more like a slipjoint to me...or at least that's what I like to think because I can't get an auto
Is there a name for that style of filework on the spine? I only ask because I seem to remember it from another knife of yours.

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