another movie knife

Jan 11, 1999
In 8MM Nicholas Cage has some kind of small diameter cylindrical auto otf gizmo. Not a pen knife.

Anyone see that?

Got any idea what it is?

Ron Knight

Yeah I'm crazy, but what do you want me to do about it
Yep, saw the movie..saw the knife..the movie made me forget about the knife...creeeepy!

And I thought I knew some kinky people!

8mm is not a bad movie at all. I was consciously looking for blades, and now I'm not quite sure what I saw. There were fixed blades the "machine" used to kill with. But I can't quite place what type (brand name, custom, or generic) of knives were in the film. Jim. PS: There were a few knives in the movie "Virus" that were showed very fleetingly.