Another neck knife I have to buy.

I think I saw one of those in a United Cutlery catalog.

$120.00!?!?!? No way!
You should consider changing your name to Mr. T!

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"Pocket Rottweiller" has got to be the best name I've ever heard for a knife, but I don't think I'd want to end up in court with it!

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And you thought that $120 was a lot for a neck knife. How about $250 for the Pocket Rottweiller!

Well you get what you pay for.

Sheesh! I DID think $120.00 was alot to pay for a neck knife. And as far as your statement....You SHOULD get what you pay for.
Unless you can show me where a $250.00 neck knife is going to pull my keester out of the frying pan better or faster than the sub $50.00 fair that I normally carry. I ain't getting one. Now if the missus sees that pretty one of a kind hand made neck knife that she wants and it's $300.00, she gets it. No questions asked. Mamma gets what mamma wants. I just can't justify it for myself.
Hey IV, live a little! Indulge yourself too! Don't tell the world, but I got Michael Murphy of Running Dog Knives to do me a Pup in BG-42 and NOT a chisel grind too! Keeping almost in your price range!

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Hey 4th,
Please do me a favor and check out the Tanto style knife at the bottom of my Website. I have had several requests to do a smaller version and a neck knife based on that design. The one in the picture is 11.5" overall,3/16" A2, Ti scales and silk wrap. I would probably use D2 for a neck knife being a smaller knife. What would be the maximum size you would still consider a neck knife???
I am a big guy and carry one of my tacticals (also on webpage) in a neck sheath. That knife is 8" long and I would say that is about the max for me in a neck sheath.
Neil Blackwood

Hello Everyone!

I'm new here, but it's very nice for me to walk in and find you folks talking about the Little PUP! (Thanks Copfish!)

This is our first introduction to a national market and so far we have had a great responce...

We do indeed have larger PUPs on the way...Our "Happy Camper" series is next up with a choice of blade styles...we are still working out the handle, but we will be offering two sizes to fit most hands...

We make neck knives in about 12 styles for utility, fishing/hunting, and out Garden Pal for landscaping/gardening...I use Concealex™ and Kydex© brand plastic to make the sheaths and some come with leather paddles for belt carry...

The little PUP is hand ground from 1095, but I am going with 1084 for the larger knives...I'm hoping for a little more flexability in the blades...

If I didn't lose the camera on our last photo shoot at Mt. Baker, I would have pictures to show...Oh well, I'll just have to get another one...

Just trying to have some fun and make a few knives along the way...

Nice to meet you all, And I hope I will have something to contribute..

Michael Murphy
Running Dog Knives
Hey Doc. I looked at the knife. I would probably prefer a scaled down version of the one under the Tanto. I do like the curve or belly that the Tanto has. As far as size, that is subjective. "Big guy" that's 6'6" and has a flat stomach could carry a bigger neck knife than 6'6" guy with a big pot belly. Once the knife hangs down low enough to hit the stomach, it would skew and print through clothing. Shortening the cord or chain would work some, but then you might have trouble fitting it over your fat head without untying the cord or unclasping the chain. Handle thickness as well as the entire sheathed package thickness would also be issues.
Dr. Lathe,

Hey I especially like that folder near the bottom of your page! It looks like a much prettier version of (if I remember correctly) the Boguszewki Spike. Or maybe it was a different knife. Oh well, it's very nice, regardless of what it reminds me of. As for the PUP, that's a cool knife, too.
Welcome Running Dog! Neat discussions. Meet the 4th, or Mr. Neck-knife as he is known to his friends! Sooo... a Pup, flatground in BG-42, concealex multisheath! I plan on filling the paw with a cobalt-blue dyed epoxy for S&G!
Dr. Lathe: I'd rather base a neck knife on the drop point below the tanto, too.

One thing to think about is indexing ... that's important with a neck knife; the cord can twist.

Just a suggestion ... lose the music. If visitors to your website want to listen to music we can choose it ourselves.

-Cougar Allen :{)
Hello Again!

FYI "BG-42" PUP's...

I ordered the metal today...I'll grind it as soon as I get it...

I'll let your know when they are done!

Running Dog

Wait...Multi-sheath? Oh all right...