Another Sharpening Question

Oct 5, 1998
Hey guys, I recently purchased a Stiff K.I.S.S., which is the first chisel grind I have owned. I got a stupid question for ya. Since it is only sharpened on the one side, when sharpening it, useing a Spyderco Sharpmaker system, do I need to tilt the blade off of vertical to get the correct angle on it? Man, I feel like this is a really dumb question, but what the heck.
Chad, I learned a lesson a long time ago from a great elementary school teacher I had. THERE ARE NO DUMB QUESTIONS! We won't learn anything without asking.
I'll guess the secondary bevel angle on your stiff kiss is 30-35 degrees, whereas the Spyderco sticks are set in at around 22 degrees. Which means that you will have to tilt the knife if you insist on using the Sharpmaker to sharpen the stiff kiss.

Since the accuracy of the Sharpmaker is based on the fact that it's easy to hold a knife vertical, you are now basically losing any advantage the Sharpmaker has, and you still have the disadvantage that those skinny sticks take metal off slowly.

I have a suggestion....but I'm really not sure if it's practical.

Anyway here goes, as the Sharpmaker has the rods set at 20 degrees, if you want to sharpen a knife like the Stiff KISS which has a bevel angle of around 30 degrees, you could make up an angled block to sit under the sharpmaker. That way, the whole of the sharpmaker is angled and most importantly the rods are at an angle of 30 degrees relative to vertical. That way, when sharpening the KISS, you still use the 'keep the blade vertical' technique.

Then it's just a case of figuring out what angles you need for your collection on knives and making the blocks. I guess that they could be very easily machined from MDF if you have the appropriate power tools.

What do people think? Would this be practical?



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Ken, what you could do either is simply make a base for the sharpmaker to fit on top of.

The base would be two pieces of wood, hinged at one end and with a threaded bolt at the other. This would allow the base to make any angle you want, and thus alter the sharpmaker angle.

You could even get fancy and bolt the other end instead of a hinge and thus allow increasing and decreasing the angle.

Note if the bolt idea sounds too complicated, hardware stores often sell little angle jacks that could be used to do the same thing.


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hey the angle jack is a great idea. I think that if you really wanted to go for it, the angles could be marked out on the side of the base so that you could set it according to the blade you intend to sharpen.

I think that technical drawing protrators with angles from 0 to 90 degrees marked out would be ideal to modify for this purpose.