Anso rock climbers rescue tool

May 27, 2000

Someone out there has to own this knife. what do you think of it? Is it worth $350? Is the top of the hook sharpened? Thanks
For a similar knife in many regards look at the Emerson/Perrin Griffe for $50.
My guess is, since it's a climber's rescue tool, it is designed to cut climbing rope in a very controlled fashion, so the inside is probably the only sharp part. If you are working around rope, I think the outward facing edge being sharp would be a hazard.

Columbia River also has a model very similiar, blunt or sharp tip, for under $50. (Bear claw, grizzly claw, something like that)
RH, I thought the same thing but if you look at the picture the top looks sharpened. If this knife was serrated, that would help, but the CRKT looks good too.
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I saw this piece a year ago.....and i still think USD$350 is a lot to pay today.....
Sure scouter27, moving as requested to the Review forum.

But is it really $350 USD? I can see that it would take a lot of time and skill to grind all those curves, but that price seems a little steep. Maybe climbers go higher than the rest of us, especially if their life depends on something like that knife (how, exactly?). Anyway, off to the Review forum with this one...