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Anso rock climbers rescue tool

May 27, 2000

Someone out there has to own this knife. what do you think of it? Is it worth $350? Is the top of the hook sharpened? Thanks
For a similar knife in many regards look at the Emerson/Perrin Griffe for $50.
My guess is, since it's a climber's rescue tool, it is designed to cut climbing rope in a very controlled fashion, so the inside is probably the only sharp part. If you are working around rope, I think the outward facing edge being sharp would be a hazard.

Columbia River also has a model very similiar, blunt or sharp tip, for under $50. (Bear claw, grizzly claw, something like that)
RH, I thought the same thing but if you look at the picture the top looks sharpened. If this knife was serrated, that would help, but the CRKT looks good too.
Meant to post in the reviews section, must have missed. Paracelsus, Spark, if you read this, could you move it? thanks.

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I saw this piece a year ago.....and i still think USD$350 is a lot to pay today.....
Sure scouter27, moving as requested to the Review forum.

But is it really $350 USD? I can see that it would take a lot of time and skill to grind all those curves, but that price seems a little steep. Maybe climbers go higher than the rest of us, especially if their life depends on something like that knife (how, exactly?). Anyway, off to the Review forum with this one...
Guys, see Jens' answer to the questions in the original post in the general discussion forum. Considering the way Jens made the knife (files and handtools), $350 is a decent asking price. It is very well made and cleanly executed. He did an incredible job. Jens' work is very clean and has nice original lines. Why will one person pay $2,000 for a forged, rather primitive knife and another feels ripped off paying $20 for a Schrade? "Worth" is completely subjective. Jens' knives are nice, and this is a one of a kind that I doubt he'd want to repeat, so it explains the price. His prices are pretty reasonable on his regular series of knives.

Steve Agocs, D.C.

Paracelsus, thanks for changing it for me.

"Dream as if you'll live forever, Live as if you'll die today"
-- James Dean

-Jesse Foust
A link to the thread in the general forum with Jens response

I think I made a mistake by leaving the thread open in general. Now there are two open threads in different forums. I had to transfer this twice. Sorry about the non-functioning link. I do not know what happened to that one.

Anyway, I am withdrawing my comment about the price. Turns out there is only one piece, and it still belongs to Jens. It was made entirely by hand with files. He has a new design posted in the general forum thread. Take a look.
hey guys
as a rock climber and backpacker i can tell you that knife is totally useless as far as rock climbing goes. that is not to say that it is a bad knife but i have never heard of anyone needing to cut a climbing rope while they were climbing. climbing rope is made with synthetic materials and if you cut it without burning the end it would just unravel itself. on top of that the rope is the only way a climber can get back down and cutting it would be suicide. but i think the knife is a cool design and the fact that it is handmade makes it worth the $350 he is asking. i say if you like it the knife is worth the price.

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Glad to get a comment from a climber! I have only used my own very small experience as a rapeller to design it. And it was more fun than serious. I think I got inspired by an article in Blademagazine about a Mount Everest trip were they all used Spyderco´s. As I recall they would use them to cut cloths or straps that had been caught in equipment. I did a litle thinking and made a cool knife more than a user.

Thanks for the great interest! Its funny to be in theee midle.

Jens Anso, jens@ansoknives.com
(check out my homepage)
I am also a climber. A knife while climbing has many uses. If your rope is damaged at a point, it is better so shorten the length than use the damaged area. An overhand or fig. 8 will stop any freying. Another use for a climbing knife is to remove old webbing from a fixed anchor.

Tom, Where can I see a Hartsfield knife>

"Dream as if you'll live forever, Live as if you'll die today"
-- James Dean

-Jesse Foust
As a rock climber I must agree that a knife is a necessity. As Scouter pointed out some good reasons to carry one.
When I first started climbing, I really didn't care to carry a knife as I figured it would get damaged. That changed when I was doing a short climb, I was leading and on a very hairy edge which if I moved much I would fall. My protection was not very solid, so I really didn't care to take a fall, my only choice was to keep climbing. Unfortunately a piece of rockclimbing eguipment that I was carrying wedged in a rock. Being that I was on a very small edge, trying to yank the thing out would have caused me to fall, luckily I did have a BM Auto Pardue which cut the webbing from my sling allowing me to climb on.
The morale is that a knife can be handy just about anywhere, I know I don't go anywhere without mine.
I feel a CRKT Bear Claw will do a person just fine for rockclimbing and rappelling needs. It has a curved blade like the Anso and doen't cost as much, about $25.00 to be more exact, which is exactly the price of a knife I don't mind damaging in such hostile enviroments like climbing.