anti knife PSA

Oct 4, 1998
I'm sorry about this crosspost but I feel this needs to be send to as many knife people as possible.
The orginal post was sent to the AKTI forum.

Since the recent shootings the Clinton administration has come up with PSA
(Public Service Announcements) that are being shown on TV across the
country. I saw the first one yesterday. It spent most of its time demonizing
KNIVES. (ie, not a direct quote. "I was so scared, Johnny had a knife in his
backpack" )
They spent 2/3 of the time demonizing knives before they even got to guns.
What can we do? Who writes this Sh*t?

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It's easier to get forgiveness than permission.
Why would anybody have a backpack without a knife?

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It's a sad world we live in. People judge quickly and there are so few strong willed people, that beliefs can often be switched with such things as this PSA, or American Propaganda from the government....they feed the minority of over-reacting mothers the fear that everyone that has a knife is bad, is a killer, and will kill their son. Some will never know that most of us, just normal civilians, some not even collectors...use knives, because they are a tool...perhaps, sometimes a tool for defense, but never hostility or attack, in anger or otherwise.
The best we can do is stick to our morals, and speak out with the few associations we've AKTI and the's the only chance we've got..if we don't speak out enough with those, WE WILL LOSE. the time is at hand, the test is on our doorstep.

Sorry, i get kinda serious when writing about this kind of thing, very important to me.

"I wouldn't mind you being inside my head if you weren't clearly so crazy."

The best response to this sort of thing may be written protest combined with an appropriate counter-message. By written protest, I mean that the next time you see the commercial, post the name of the group (or government branch) responsible, and any other info given, here on the forum. That way we can all write in and complain about how knives are being portrayed. This should not be done angrily, just calmly pointing out how knives are used by most people every day to sustain their lives (with food), and sometimes even to save the lives of others.

The counter-message is the easy part, at least when we compare the knife situation to that of guns. It could be a commercial showing EMTs rescuing someone from a burning vehicle, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts using their knives for crafts and camping tasks, chefs using their knives to prepare meals, people delivering newspapers or other goods and opening them with utility knives, etc. The anti-knife sentiment is very hard to understand when you consider that we all use a knife every day, and most households have far more knives than people in them. perhaps pointing this out would help.

I dunno, it's late and I'm dreaming of a public service message that would alleviate fears instead of causing them, point out a boon to our lives instead of a problem. Somehow I doubt we'll ever see one like that.

Drew - nicely said. AKTI has a few TV commercial ideas. However, TV commercials are very expensive and AKTI is still having a hard time getting money.

These discussions need to be brought to the AKTI forum. I have come to the conclusion that AKTI membership will end up being the knife aficianados, the collectors. The "guy on the street" who buys a knife is not likely to be involved enough. We are AKTI!