Any knifeknuts in Savannah, Georgia?


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Dec 25, 1998
I will be in Savannah on vacation June 12-20. Are there any fellow forumites in the area?

Ya about one hour 1/2 south in Jacksonville!

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Mike, you drive too fast! Besides, you should stop in Brunswick, GA, at the Twin Oaks for some barbecue and fries. Since all fries are laden with grease anyway, why not batter coat them first like theirs.

**OK so it may not be as good as it used to be, thats what happens when a joint cleans up.
Ahh Brunswick... You may know Ted West who owns the OutLand knife shop there.

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Mike Turber
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I just spent a nice vacation in Savannah about six months ago. I couldn't find any knife stuff worth looking at but didn't spend that much time trying to find any. I do have a couple of recommendations.

If you like different types of food try the Morrocan (sp?) restaurant called Casbah downtown. My fiancee and I had the best meal of our lives there. NO JOKE. Incredible food, music, sitting on the floor eating with our fingers, and ....a belly dancer. Very professional staff too. The waitress even washed our hands before dinner and sprinkled rose water on our hands afterwards to take the food smell away. I don't know if this is up your alley or if I'm just weird but I highly recommend it.

Also make sure to check out the old cemetary downtown. Get a tour if you can. It is a really interesting cemetary. Yankee soldiers camped there during the war between the states and had a little fun with some of the cemetaries. They basically changed some dates and names and numbers. One woman had 110 kids according to their alterations. We ended up going there after dark and reading all this stuff with my photon microlight.

Savannah was a very fun town to hang out in. It is very pretty and the people are nice. If you are a anglophile at all or like pubs and pub food check out Churchill's. Great Shepherds Pie and they know how to draw a pint of Guinness.

Hope you have fun.

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Oh, a knife shop in Brunswick, another reason to stop. I'm not sure, however, that I could interest the people I usually stop with. Of course if we had you driving, we would have time enough, on our pilgrimage up to SEALI (Southeastern Admiralty Law Institute) to stop. It used to be 2 out of every three years, but now there are more that I found out about a knife shop...oh well.

Edited to add: One of the best meals I ever had was at Elizabeth's on 37th Avenue in Savannah. Moderately expensive...for two, about 2/3 the price of good knife. Of course the next time I stopped I was dissapointed. The food was very overspiced (hot). I wish I had complained and later thought about writing. It was a big disapointment after that first perfect meal...herbed salad, perfectly done scallops in a cream sauce over a bed of .....

While off the subject try Bern's Steakhouse in Tampa! Great wine list; FRESH fish; too.

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