Any Mad Dog 'Rat' owners here?

Oct 12, 1998
Or anyone who handled a MD Lab Rat or Rat thing. What do you think of these micro fighters? Do they possess the same qualities as the larger MD knives, differential tempering, strength etc? Any info would be appreciated.
Mr Blonde
I ordered a lab rat and a arizona hunter.Both due in June.If you wait until then I will not only tell you how they feel I'll let you know how they handle on a 3 day camping trip.Thats if they come in on time.
i also have a lab rat on order. earl wouldn't give me an approximate delivery date on it, however. anyone know approximately when they are due? how long has the wait been so far? i just ordered mine last week.

I got Rat Thing #007 back in December '98, it's a scaled down version of my Wild Thing. Same temper line. I like to carry it upside-down in it's High Ride sheath under my T-shirt, because it just pops into my hand. I've had friends say "Hay where did that come from!" All in all a nice knife to carry when you need something small and discreet. But my favorite is my Voodoo Child.

"Every Dog Has His Day"

Anyone visited the Mad Dog forum on the other site reccently? Problems at the hard chromers may delay some knife making. Aigghh! I need my Rat! I can wait on my AZ Hunter but I need my Rat now!

(Panic Subsided) OK, I will make it. I will just have to buy another knife to use in the interim. Hmm...

Anyone that already has a Rat have any reviews available?


Clay Fleischer

Picked the wrong week to quit sniffing glue...

I've got lab rat #3. This is a great feeling blade. Fit and finish is excellent. I've never cut anything with it, instead, using one of my many other Mad Dogs. The Voodoo Child is probably my favorite Mad dog. But alas they are difficult to get as well. Anyone who feels they must own a lab rat e-mail me with a offer and you could get lucky.
I've got a Voodoo Child & a Rat Thing on order. I should get the Voodoo sometime in June with the Rat coming either late June or July. I'm pretty psyched to receive them & I know i'll be happier than a sow in slop!!!

Here some low res scans of my #001




The darker parts of the chroming is the temperline.