Any thoughts on Koji's - House of Hara knives?

Sep 17, 2000

I'd be interested in hearing any opinions on Koji's semi production knives. They look pretty on the Knifeart site.

So, do these new knives compare in quality to a William Henry.

Also, can the Whitewing Warlock come with a pocket clip? I'm assuming the Whitewing quality would blow the House of Hara knives this correct?


First off, like the handle

At the SE Custom Knife Show last weekend, Koji was there and I got a chance to visit with him and check out his custom and limited production knives. He had both Knife House Hara models with him and I gave them a good once-over. Very nice quality overall with tight and precise fit and finish. The lockup is very good and no play in the blade in either direction. I really like the overall look of the knives, with their mirror polished blades and MOP scales. Very elegant and refined. One feature that caught my eye was the clip - its basically a thin strip of steel held on by two screws. The clip is wide and long enough to get the job done, but not too big to distrtact from the look of the knife. In all I think Koji's limited production knives are of the quality of William Henry. After I saw the Knife House Hara models, there goes another on my ever growing wish list!

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I was in a Chesapeake Knife and Tool last week looking at both a WH T12 and a Hara House production piece; both had pearl scale overlays.

While the WH T12 pearl is significantly more expensive, based on the Hara production piece I handled, the WH T12's fit and finish were (IMHO) 30% better. For instance, the holes countersunk into the pearl to received the screwheads on the Hara piece were rough and not as well rounded. As well, the scale did not line up with the liner as well as I would've expected. There was slightly more pearl over the edge of the liner on the blade-receiving side of the handle. As well, if I'm remembering correctly, the Hara piece's Phillips-head screws did not look as dressy as the WH T12's Torx-head or Allen head, can't remember which.

One thing I did like more about the Hara production piece than the WH was the small, but effective clip that the Hara piece has connecting at the top of the folder.

Still, I'd have to go with the WH over the Hara. Both are beautiful pieces, but the hand touches were more evident to me on the WH.

Just my opinion, of course.

Thanks for the help.

So, how does the House of Hara compare to the Bradshaw Whitewing line?

I also briefly looked at the Koji's semi-production knives at the SE Custom Knife Show, and they impressed the heck out of me. I don't think I looked as closely at them as either Dexter or Professor, though. One thing is for certain though: his custom knives were among the absolute nicest that I saw there, <u>bar none</u>.