Anyone do a Randall 14 review??

Jun 11, 2000
As the question says, can anyone do a review on the Model 14 offered by Randall?

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I've got two and am very happy with both.

First one has the standard finger grip handle and large guard. The 7.5" blade is O1 and has the sawteeth but no teeth option making it a spearpoint shape. Weight is about 16 oz. The sheath is first class leather. I've used the blade on many outings and have nothing but good impressions. It cuts well and feels very good in the hand - at least mine. I think it's a first class field/combat knife.

Second one is the cut-down tang version with the single-finger grip. It has the clip-point blade. Weight is probably 10-12 oz and is a bit blade heavy. It's a wicked slasher and delivers a mean back-cut. I see this one as a heavy duty fighter.

Both knives have a substantial feel and inspire confidence. I think they're as tough as any mid-sized knife can be. If you're in the market for such IMHO you can't do better for the price. Personally I feel the #14 is overlooked by many when folks discuss combat knives - perhaps because it's been around for so long and other's are better at advertising/promoting. I've never heard anything bad about this knife.

If you haven't heard anything bad about them, go to Les Robertsons Forum over in Exchange. He was talking about watching one snap early this week.

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Well, I guess one blade failure constitutes condeming the #14 to the dustbin of knife history. I think not. You can break any knife if you work at it. Other maker's knives have suffered failures too. I'll stand by my No.14's. I think most would agree with me.
Just what, exactly, does a person have to do to a knife to snap a blade? In all my years(41), I have never even come close to snapping a blade or breaking a blade tip or chipping and edge or curling the tip on a knife. What are these people doing with these knives to have this stuff happen? Knives are meant to cut, slice and maybe do a little light chopping. That's it. If you want to pry, get a prybar or large screwdriver. If you want to do heavy chopping, go get yourself an axe from Sears for about $10-15. Just my two cents worth. Sorry for ranting on.

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Hello Edge,

I just order a Model 14 with Model 18 SS spear point blade, Model 1 NS double hilt and boarder patrol handle from Doug Kenefick.

I should have it by Wednesday.

He is a very nice dealer in Conn.
His phone number is 860-774-7214.
He has plenty of Randalls in stock.


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Actually, I love Randalls and have owned several. Just pointing out (as asked in the first post) that if you want to hear something negative about them all you have to do is bring up the topic of Randalls within 100 feet of Les.

It is not the fall that kills you. It is the realization that "yes, you did something that stupid."
I agree that Les doesn't much care for Randalls. In another thread he refered to them as obsolete. I don't know if this is based upon his personal experience and knowledge or if it's because he doesn't sell them. Randall doesn't use BG-42 or G-10 but I'm pretty sure that doesn't make them obsolete - just how "high tech/modern" can a knife get? Randall doesn't keep up with the latest nife making fads. I'll agree Randall's aren't customs per Les' definition - but then many custom makers are doing semi-production work too. I think for the money most Randalls are great knives. For every nay sayer like Les you can find many many satisfied users and collectors.
What some people think of as obsolete; others think of as CLASSIC.

Check eBay and see what they are selling for.

Try to find them for sale.

Why is there a 29 month wait for one?

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I purchased a Randall Model 14 (a snub-nosed M14) many years ago. Used it through the last half of my law enforcement career (both she and I are retried now).

This knife was carried every day in both its original sheath and in many others I made or purchased for it. It was used for everything from opening packages to cutting the often mentioned seat belts. (Yes Virginia, you can cut seat belts with a plain edge but years ago we mostly just unbuckled them, they rarely jam.)

My M15 has the stainless blade with the teeth cut into the top edge. It has a heft and balance that shouts “quality”, fit and finish are first rate. Mine came with the finger grooves which I had to remove as my hands are average to small in size. You might want to handle the M14 with grooves to see how it fits your hand.

The blade has been used (almost abused) over the years but has never chipped, rusted or failed to perform in any way. Being stainless, it is a bit more difficult to sharpen than my other Randalls, all of which are carbon steel. The micarta handles are full of nicks and dings but likewise have never failed to perform. They sometimes become a bit slippery if wet. I kept mine roughed up a bit with coarse sandpaper to prevent this.

There are more and less expensive fixed blade knifes out there but in my opinion you will find the Model 14/15 a great value for your money. This knife worked for a living for many years, did everything I ever asked, and earned her retirement.

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I have a Randall Divers knife, which is similar to the Model 14. I have used and abused this knife by clearing brush and weeds around my house. The knife has a few small chips in the blade but it never broke! I am going to send it back to Randalls to have it refurbished. I bent it a little but it didn't come close to breaking.

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