Anyone ever break their Sebenza clip?

Mar 20, 2002
This surprised the heck out of me. I carry my Sebenza in my front pocket and I was walking past a door when the clip apparently caught on the plastic door-knob cover and snapped right in two!

I don't know anything about metalurgy but I would have thought the clip would have been strong enough that it would remain intact and the knife would be pulled out of my pocket--like I said, the only amout of stress on the clip was from walking by and the clip snagging on something.

Anyone experience anything like this with their clips?


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Feb 20, 2005
Never broke one, but I bent the handle on mine by about an 1/8", it's still like that and I dont want to force it, in case it snaps, too ... funny your's snapped first time - must have been a lot of force :eek:

I also caught the handle on my Mnandi and moved it ever so slightly. I decided to try to take it off the knife and alter it a bit. It was the small pin which was slightly offset and it straightened out OK.

You can get a new clip from the company, send off an email :)
Jan 7, 2001
As much as I like the Sebenza I always thought that the clip is maybe a wee bit weak. I caught the clip end sticking out of my pocket on something once and it seemed to bend pretty easily. Never happend to me on a Lochsa or TNT. Maybe it is just coincidence or maybe the Sebenza clip is a touch thinner.


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Apr 6, 1999

Never seen a broken clip, that's a first! Good job!

I've snagged mine a few times, but haven't managed to jack it up that bad. You might post in the wanted forum for a Seb clip, as you might get a good deal on one from someone who opts to go either clipless or use the insert.



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Aug 1, 2004
I snagged an old style clip, like the one in your photo, on my seat belt jumping out of my truck. It snapped and flew off in the dark; I never did find it. I replaced it with a newer, forged style clip, with the little bump to hold on the pocket welt of jeans, and haven't had any problem with it. Of course, I'm a lot more careful when I slide out of my pickup now.


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Aug 8, 2002
I broke an old style clip on my 1998 small Sebbie the same exact way you did. I replaced it with the new style clip, and haven't had a problem. I have since replaced all of the old style clips on my sebbies with the newer style clips.