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Anyone ever heard of the SEALTAC?

Jan 10, 2000
I'm looking at purchasing a CRKT SEALTAC II to replace my aging beat up camp knife. I have been looking high and low for someone's opinion on it, but have found naught. So, I turn the question to you folks. Has anyone had experience with this knife? Has anyone heard of the dang thing.

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yep i have,,,it was originally and still is i think a Variant of the CUSTOM model made by Jim Hammond from Arab, Alabama.

Has been made for ahwile as a Custom version ,,and i think was one of the First "REAL" seal knives, ie.. SPEC-OPS knives made.

Not sure when CRKT started making the design.

there was another i think named COBRA GOLD
but im not sure.


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I have the small Sealtac, and in spite of its odd (flat!)configuration, I find that I carry it quite a lot, due to just that fact and its light weight.The clipon sheath may be worn either in or outside of the belt.It took a pretty good session with the Sharpmaker to get the edge I wanted, but it was worth it.It should make a dandy camp knife!

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Merlin80, I have a Komodo which is the same as a SEALTAC except with a chisel grind and tanto blade. It's not a bad knife for the money, the full tang is very strong and the handle is quite comfortable. Good kydex sheath too. The downside? The AUS-6 steel is just too soft of hold an edge under use. Once you use the knife for a while that edge just goes. Well that's what I've found in my experience. If you're in that kindof price range, you might want to look at the Cold Steel line. Lynn Thompson thinks a little too much of his company for my liking (again, just my opinion) but he does have good affordable knives. Hope this helps.

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Smoky Mountain Knife Works had SEALTAC's (I and II) with the old-style leather sheaths for about $22 last fall. I picked up one with the boot clip, and it's a nice knife. I find the handle in particular to be very comfortable. I haven't put it to much use so I don't know about long term edge holding, but I like it. I also like the idea of putting the serrations on the back of the blade, so if you need them they are there but you have the plain edge on the front to whittle with. I think it is a thoughtful design.