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Anyone familiar with Lindner Knives?

Oct 1, 1999
I have been putting together an all Stag Display, and I could really use an affordable Stag Dagger. I found two different sizes from Lindner of Germany at Blow-Out Knives. The price is very affordable, and they will probably be used only for display. I'm just wondering if anyone knows what kind of quality I should expect, any feedback would be appreciated, TIA

PhilL, first of all you probably mean LINDER instead of "Lindner"

Linder is a very reputable "family" owned knife manufacturer. (http://www.linder.de)
They produce lots of "classic" knives and since a couple of years also entered the market with ATS34 bladed knives with "rubber" handles.
The more classic knives are made from drop forgings using a decent stainless steel and nice staghorn grips. For the price they cost these knives are finished very good.

Here is an example: go to http://www.linder.de/Deutsch/Produkte/Gruppe%2002.htm
and look for Nr. 213115 (the last picture on the page, all the way down) it says:

Linder Lion Head Dagger. Löwenkopf-Dolch mit Klinge aus 440 Stahl, rostfrei poliert. Griff aus echtem Hirschhorn. Parierstange, Zwinge, Löwenkopf-Knauf und Scheidenbeschlag aus feinem Neusilber. Klingenlänge 15 cm.. Empf. Verkaufspreis DM 229,- ( about $110)

Cheers, Bagheera


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[This message has been edited by Bagheera (edited 28 December 1999).]
Thanks Bag,
That's them, I'm sorry about the miss- spelling. The link you gave me has a few knives that Blow-Out Knives didn't. I'm going to have to give them a try, I sure like the look and the prices are right.