Anyone have the BM July KOTM-M2 Ascent?

Oct 4, 1998
I'm interested in this as a work knife, but I had a bad experience with an earlier BT coated Ascent that was a POS. Did they get it right this time? I'd appreciate any hands-on input.

I bought the 830 "Eclipse" when they first came out and there were quality problems back then!! I bought two knives (for beaters) of the plain edge variety. On both, the blades were hitting the inside of the Zytel handle when the knife was closed. If you get a chance to look at one before you buy, make sure the blade doesn't hit the inside of the handle.

I haven't looked at any of the latest "Ascent" models.

Good Luck


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That was the exact problem I had JJ and why I was concerned enough to ask if they had gotten it fixed yet. I hope so. At that price point I'd like to try out the M2 steel.

This one is the 835, with the drop point blade, right? I mean, a full flat ground blade in M2 would really be interesting. Thin and wide, could be a great slicer.
Link to picture below.

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That's the one Cousin. It looks like a great knife, but not if the blade is so off-center that it scrapes at every opening. I don't want to go through that again.

I've got one of those. The blade seems fairly well centered on mine. It is a nice knife all right, and I like the M2 steel a lot (which is why I bought it). The only problem for me with that knife is the thumbstud it sticks out beyond the thickness of the handle and graps onto my pocket when I try to pull the knife out quickly. I wish they had left the round hole in this one. I am probably going to file the thumbstuds down a little. Other than that, it's a nice knife.

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