Anyone interested in reviewing my knives

Oct 28, 1998
I have just recently put my knives on the web. So far all my customers are from Denmark and I would really like to get some blades to the States. So if anybody would be interested in a review of one of my knives I will make you a good offer.

Jens Anso,
(check out my homepage)

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I'm not qualified to review anyone's knife, but I did look at your web site. Some interesting knives there with special qualities shown, particularly in the upgraded versions. Some of them are quite beautiful, while others are purely functional.

You'll probably get a lot of offers from qualified forumites.
email Steven Dick at Tactical Knives at Steve is always looking for a new maker and new ideas. I will volunteer to do the write up for him

Bob Taylor
Nice looking knives....I'd do it, but I am poor, and the only place I could post a review is here, not that that is a bad thing, but it might not get the coverage of a magazine articles. I do like your designs, very utilitarian, just what I like.


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Nice looking knives! I especially like the multiple carry options. Too many knifemakers forget that most of us actually carry around our knives.
Jens, I guess I should have replied here also but I tried e-mail. I defeinitely liked what I saw. Especially the personal droppoint and personal sheepfoot. Let me know if you did not get the e-mail.

I have recieved alot of e-mails the last days because of this tread. GREAT. However there are 2 mails i cant read. One of these is maybe yours. Try again and if it dos´nt work I´ll get back to you . I would be happy to work with you.
To all others. thanks for the great respons. Keep them comming.

Jens Anso,
(check out my homepage)