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Anyone Tried the Fury "HAWG" Folders?

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May 6, 1999
I just saw these in the Dec. Blade magazine, and I think the smaller curvy ones with the micarta handles look really good. I'm somewhat skeptical of the opening system, especially considering that these don't have pocket clips on them, and they will most likely be riding in the bottom of one's pocket... but they look so cool!

I think I saw them a couple weeks ago in the Remington Store in my local mall. They had them for $50-60 (they usually don't have anything in the Remington Store for $50-60, except for maybe a small SAK). Anyway, I wasn't going to buy anything, so I didn't ask to see the knife. When I got home I couldn't remember the name of them. I think that was the name though. Are these the ones with the overly aggressive serrations (they look more like teeth)? I do agree that the knives look good, especially the micarta.

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My only peeve about them is that the bigger ones have aluminum liners. Aluminum. Don't get me wrong, aluminum is one of my favorite handle materials but for liners I prefer the strength of steel or titanium. Everone else makes liner locks from ti or steel, but not from aluminum. Wondering if up-and-down blade play will develop after a while of hard use?

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thanks dexter i was thinking of getting one, but if they are aluminum, i am not interested anymore!...ive seen them for about....hmmmm i think it was 35 or 45 dollars at atlanta cutlery. anyway if anyone buys one it would be interesting to find out how it goes. also hoew does the opening mechanism work?....what triggers it???

The small curvy ones are opened via a "flipper" on the blade that protrudes when the blade is in a closed position. That's why I am wondering about carring this thing loose in the pocket, as it seems that it can conceivably open that way.

i have a warrencliff hawg neck knife.

if anyone wants it, 150.

2 7/8 inch blade 6 inches oal
1/8 inch stock
textured carbonfiber handle
kydex sheath.