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Apex Sharpening System

Dec 12, 1998
Does anyone know anything about the Apex Sharpening System? Does it work? If this thread has been discussed before, where? Thank you.
If you mean the Edge Pro Apex, then yes it does work, rather well in fact. It is probably the best of the rod type systems. Joe mentions it in his FAQ and it has come up on the other forum several times.

Take a look at the EdgePro system at http://www.gorge.net/business/edgepro/default.htm
I have the 'Professional' model, and it's something like the Lansky system - in the sense that a 2000 lb. bomb is like a firecracker, since they both go 'boom' and can hurt your fingers.
Using this system (or the Apex) you can easily match ANY sharpening angle and hold that angle almost irrelevant of the amount of pressure you want to use. These suckers are SOLID.
I also have the Spyderco Sharpmaker system, and this is, in my opinion, the best sharpener available for serrated blades. It's pretty good on straight blades, and very quick, but the EdgePro system is MUCH better for accurate, reproducable sharpening of straight blades.