Apogee Extreme

Dec 14, 1998
In a colaboration with Artknife.com ( Larry Conelly) we have created limited Apogee knife. CPM 420v blade , 3.9 in length , available in a black blade, or two tone finish. The new Apogee's have a wider blade also. The first 25 of these knives are numbered! They also have the (collector)
finish and the intergral bar locking system.
These knives are available from WWW.KNIFEART.COM

Look for the Outdoor Edge Apogee being developed !

Web Site At www.infinet.com/~browzer/bldesmth.html
Take a look!!!

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Oh my gosh Darrel, that is a real beauty!! Great work on that.

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Though I don't have any of your knives, you continue to amaze me. That Apogee sure is beautiful! I'm thinking about getting an Apogee in Talonite in the future, but this Extreme Apogee is tempting. Is there any plan for small Extreme Apogees?

Larry and I have not discussed this at this time. BUT depending on the response with this knife there well could be. I am working on other groove patterns for the apogee as we speak.
The regular apogee's come in several finishes.
This is one of them.
As for talonite If you want a Apogee extreme with talonite it can be done.
I just finished a regular talonite apogee yesterday:] This stuff gets way sharp YIKES
Thanks for the Kind words...

Web Site At www.infinet.com/~browzer/bldesmth.html
Take a look!!!

Looks very nice! Your above post states that the blade is 3.9 in. but Knifeart's sight says the blade is 3.75 in. Which is the correct length? Ans what type of black coating is on the blade?

Darrel, Thanks for the info. Just a few more questions - What is the "collector's finish" and how does it differ from the regular finish?

I will be able to buy one of these in September. Will they still be available then?

Thanks again.
If you call Larry when he returns from the armed forces duty Im sure he will take the order. (two weeks) We are numbering the first 25 . He will most likely give you a number because I will that longer than that to deliver them to him . He has 5 I think right now.
The collector finish is satin on the tops then anodized in an offsetting color. The regular finish is matt anodized. This finish is beter for tough use. Its softer in the hand and more slip resistant.

Rob it was great talking to you also . Thanks for the tips on talonite. I like this material . Also good luck with your full time knife making and your new bride to be.
May your days be great together!

Web Site At www.infinet.com/~browzer/bldesmth.html
Take a look!!!

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I love this knife! Now all I have to figure out how to do is separate the necessary funding from my financial guru (my best half!)

Darrell, tell Larry not to sell them all before I get a shot- sometimes this effort to get the money takes a while-


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