AR-15 Parts and Lights for sale


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Jul 23, 2004
Some gun parts and lights for sale, which I've never used and need to go to someone who will.

I have two LMT Rebar Cutters. One has some white marks on it, from what I know not.
Neither have ever been used. The first time I even ever mounted one was last night when
I snapped a few pics of it on a Colt. They retail for $179 a piece.

Take them BOTH for $100

I have an extra Flaming Pig that's been sitting around in a part drawer for a long time. It's
been wrapped up in bubble wrap so it's pretty much mint. This is the KX3, marked "Patent Pending" so
that makes it a cool piece of Noveske history.

They retail for $125. Take it for $80.

Here's an used Surefire M6. It's just sat in a drawer. The pictures show the condition, basically new.


Finally, I have two Surefire M900a weapon lights. Never used. I briefly had the black one mounted on a rifle while it was
sitting in the safe but took it off and just let both of them both sit in new condition in a parts drawer. They were wrapped in bubble
wrap so their condition is pretty much like new.

$75 each

pp1.jpg pp2.jpg pp3.jpg pp4.jpg pp5.jpg pp6.jpg pp7.jpg pp9.jpg SF 2.jpg SF 3.jpg
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