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Arc Angel, Tung Pan, Sebenza

Mar 20, 1999
Just got back from the gun show. Had some good experiences there and thought I'd share.

I found my usual dealers that I like, and did a little bargaining. My contact for automatics had a nice selection of Dalton's including some OTF models. I have never been a big fan of OTF autos but I played with a few and found that they aren't so bad after all. I ended up buying an Arc Angel. After getting it home and cleaning out the manufacturing grit and lubing it, I am REALLY impressed. Smooth, fast, and sharp enough to shave the fuzz off your ears. (I know, I tried!) This is going in the drawer next to my Dalton Auto Tanto. I guess I'll pick up a Scorpion and M6 next show!

The next knife I bought is a Bud Nealy/Allen Elishewitz Folder. A collaboration called a Tung Pan ("Companions"). According to recent e-mails with Allen, this knife was supposed to be teamed with a fixed blade. Subdued shades of blue and green in the black G10 scales, coupled with the polished ATS34 blade make this a very handsome knife. The liner lock is solid, passed the "whackit" test, very positive lockup, but doesn't take an act of congress to disengage. The knife is numbered 5. The seller claimed that THIS knife was on the cover of Blade a while back. Does anyone have any back issues? How about a value on the knife? Any guesses? I didn't pay much for it so I figured that since I liked it, it was worth it.

The same seller and I came to an agreement on a NIB Large Sebenza. Birthdate of 2/35/99, BG42 Steel, purple thumb stud and spacer, NO pocket clip, nylon sheath. I was kind of hyped about obtaining the knife and to be honest.....the hype has passed. Before all of you Reeveites decide to burn me in effigy, let me 'splain. This is one fantastic knife. I understand what everyone was saying about the "bank vault" feel of the knife. It is sharp to the Nth degree. It is smooth, comfortable, and a pleasure to look at. BUT ------ TO ME it just isn't $250.00 better than the Benchmade Pinnacle that I have. Yes, the PRINTED lifetime warranty is nice, but I don't abuse my knives anyway. I can't justify that kind of money for THIS knife. Maybe if it were a new decorated one.....but then, those are ANOTHER C-note aren't they? I'll have to pass on that too. Would I buy a Sebenza in the future? MAYBE. A small decorated on for my dad or maybe a decorated Umfaan for my wife or mom. But the price would have to come down and it would have to be a MIGHTY NICE specimen. Sorry guys, I just don't get it. Look for this knife on the For Sale / Trade list soon.
4th, having trouble accesing my email @ work, but don't sell until you hear from me! If it is the old style handle w/o clip and the new steel, I will take it off your hands. If your not interested in a trade, let my know your asking price.


OOps, also having trouble with the browser. But I promise the knife a good home. Rotate it into use, let it play with the other knives. It will have to share a case with its brothers, but they are all handsome fellows that would welcome the company.



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